I am victor a new member

Hello all. I am happy to be here. My name is Victor from Nigeria. I am very interested in learning the LHP and becoming friends with demons that can help me in my quest. I am an entrepreneur at heart and like to create ways for others to earn a living. At the moment I am trying to work on a project that when successful will liberate a lot of people financially. Although at the moment I am jobless, unable to pay my bills and take care of myself and mother as I desire to. I seek wealth, wisdom and knowledge of the magical world. I believe that whatever the mind can imagine, it can achieve. I was brought up in the RHP but I have come to the conclusion that it is adulterated with lots of lies and is ruled by the elite few that seeks to imprison man for their selfish gains. I will be glad to be acquainted with a mentor male or female that will guide me on this LHP to achieve my goals, passion and desires. I believe that with proper guidance, the sky will be my starting point.



Do you have any magical experience or are you a complete beginner?


A complete beginner


Welcome Victor.

You wouldn’t happen to be a Prince who needs to get a hundred thousand dollars into America would you?


Na… I’m looking for that kind of money for my project

I think we all are looking for that kind of money tbh.

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You’re not the first I’ve seen here that said this but how many have found it? How many have done it?

What do U know about LHP? You think just because work is done with Demons (mostly) in LHP, then everything will be fine? You’ve no rules holding you back? If so, ask around, how many LHP or even those who say they do or practice magic, whatever form of magic they practice, is it that simple? How far have they gone?

Are you actually thinking you’re the first with this mindset? So you believe working LHP is the answer, the way out? I’m laughing at you man.

For this, yeah, some of those Demons can help you secure a job. Some. And do not think because you petitioned a Demon or explaining your present situation to him and what you need; and hours later you saw a thousand naira on the floor and you think, “oh the demon has done it”. What will you do with that change???!

Believing it is not enough, in fact, at times it is nothing if you didn’t work the right way, labour correctly and tirelessly towards it.

A Christian home? If so, just put it that way, don’t let’s call it RHP. I’m a Nigerian too, and I know how freak religious our peoples are. But who work RHP? Ah it’s all lies man, they do dirts worst that dirty in secret. Only to be seen as saint and be praised by the by people as God-sent, miracle worker etc. I don’t know if you get me there.

That’s just the path that you’re exposed to. If only you can explain what you mean by RHP here. If you’re talking about Religion or Christianity to be precise, yes, you’re correct.

Good. Let’s see a mentor who have achieved theirs, who will take you up! To guide you into LHP, yes, there are many who can; but to achieve those goals of yours…ah man… I’m waiting for your success via LHP or via RHP, or whatever is called Magic. Don’t worry, they will recommend you lots of books. Something to keep you busy while your goals in life fade off.

If you’ve got time check here

What do you think magic is? What you see on TV? Or oh from testimonies you read, lots of write ups on the internet…you think it is the way of life? Then how do you perceive LHP or RHP and the world of Religion?

Let me ask you: What’s your tribe? Before going aboard, have you try stuff of our tradition here? There is more assurance to reach your goal with that than this new path you aspire to thread.

So…hmm let’s check back this thread a year after, and see how far you’ve gone, and how close your goals are. I will be waiting to congratulate you.

And you think jumping into LHP/RHP or what’s called Magic is the answer? It will fetch it for you? Well let’s see.

I await your reply, Victor.

I meant no offense to anyone. But I’ve seen many of my country man here and in reality seeking other means or way of life when they get tired JCI world, but knows not what they are doing but just following instincts and peoples testimonies read online.


I appreciate your response to my introduction. If you have a connection or way on this part of your response, I will be willing to know more. Also most of the things you said are true. I am hoping one real person will be here. Maybe that is you

There are some methods in this topic, take a look and make a new topic to ask us any questions you have:

Absolutely! :+1:

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Thanks I’ll check it out

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