I am tired

Tired of being manipulated

Tired of being pushed around because I have a kind heart

Tired of feeling low again and having depressive thoughts again…

Lucifer…help me, so that I may rise from the Ashes and be reborn in the Fire of the Infernum

I will attempt a proper evocation tonight like I did only once, drawing the sigil and chanting his enn, I do not wish to use candles as I am cautious about that


The evocation did not go as planned, I am having more difficulties connecting to the Inferni

I fucking hate this, I was doing well, dont know what is happening, my head feels very heavy and I cant get a clear signal from themm

You should try some grounding. It might help you

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something just happened

I was desperate, pleading, crying out to Lucifer to help…he answered


You’re not alone, @StrengthenedWarrior
Impose boundaries to protect yourself.

When I joined last week, I thought this was going to become a place of personal growth and true freedom for me. One of those rare places in which to discuss occult parts of our paths. I was wrong. I never thought I’d be leaving after merely eight days on this forum.

While my hours of reading confirmed this place attracts more than a few wise and wickedly wonderful people, I won’t put up with the energetic abuse I suffered today.

I tried to help someone with the bit of experience I have. Thanks wasn’t needed. The last thing I expected, however, was to be on the receiving end of energetic abuse. I’ve been through too much to put up with that crap.

If this forum will be destroyed, it will be by closed minds who feel they know it all. Who feel that they have nothing more to learn from ‘lesser gods’. And that anyone who as much as hints that we can all learn from each other has to be ‘punished’.

To those who build themselves on hurting the ones who give genuine help and mean well with others: good luck with that.

To those true free spirits: I wish you nothing but the very best in everything you undertake. You’re Lucifer’s finest.

Love is the Law, Love under Will.