I am Sorrim

Natural have been told i am Jesus reincarnated this i think is bogus. I felt like i was Satan reincarnated with visions. But this person talented in many ways told me i am Lord SHIVA. This makes more sense. But i am just me atm I studied a lot even tho i tried to stay far away from practice. The more i learned the more i realized i practice magic every day with out anyone teaching me. Funny how you can be totally against something like casting spells to control someone. But you do it without knowing ignorance can be your Doom. I am learning to be a Vampire atm and how to release my inner Dragon. Real vampire’s are definitely not what you think if you believe they drink blood or hurt humans or any animals.

Damn I didn’t know that. But I feel like you’re a fallen seraphim angel. So vampires are real?

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@Trishul66, why wouldn’t they exist?

While this is not my path, I believe there is more out there than people realize. Most people are not very open to who and what they are.

There are other forums that are strickly based on vampireism and the occult. However, due to the rules and regulations of this forum…they cannot be mentioned.

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Welcome @MORRIS_HARRISON Please introduce yourself properly. This doesn’t really tell us anything about you or your experience in magick.

Where are you from?

Do you have any actual experience in magick, besides just being told by others that you are supposedly different beings incarnated?

And what exactly do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions?



Although you think being Jesus is bogus but you believe you’re a reincarnated title such as Satan? But also Shiva isn’t satan and if someone else had to tell you and only a single individual then it’s most likely not true.

I assume you mean you’re learning predatory vampirism as you can’t necessarily learn to be a vampire aside from simply being someone who by choice feeds on energy.

However, anything can hurt those things you listed even vampires. Vampires were never sugarcoated until twilight fans and Disney pushers.


Welcome to the forum :wave:t4::blush: you’ll find a wealth of information here about vampirism. Take advantage of the search function & if you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to start a topic with your question.

All hail Lord Jèsus!

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That must be quite a dilemma. Please try reading this, it may help:

What is your first memory of casting a spell? :smiley:

@DarkestKnight is asking you so we can get some idea of what your practice has been like so far, I realise this is hard to just sit down and describe sometimes. :+1:

“Jesus loves you” - heartwarming thing to hear in a church, terrifying thing to hear in a Mexican prison…

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Thanks, Jèsus. :wink:

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