I am so heartbroken. I summoned Sollas

I know this isn’t the exact right place to go, or maybe it is, I don’t know, I just wanted advice from my fellow occultists on this.

My partner and I are taking time apart. We’d be together 4 years in June. I’ve never loved someone as much as I love this man, and when he told me he wanted to break up with me, my heart fell out of my chest.

We moved to LA last year together from the east coast, and I thought this would be great for us. He had just graduated college, got a good job, and asked me to come along. And I did. But during this time, we became too dependent on each other. He felt that I relied too much on him, and he too much on me. He wanted to gain independence. He wanted to learn to take care of himself on his own. In a way, I sort of felt the same way, but figured we’d be able to work it out together.

After two days of talking before my flight, we decided to not give up on each other and our relationship. We couldn’t. We have a soulmate connection (I’m heavily into astrology). We promised each other we’d get through this. This is hard for the both of us. However, I’m hurting more than he is.

And when we went to LAX, he told me he feels like he’s making a mistake, but I told him maybe, but we will figure this out. He tried to get a gate pass, but we didn’t know you needed to be a minor in order to get one. He told me he’d stay until the plane took off, and he did. And while I was in line for security, he was messaging me the whole time about how he will become the person I need, and while I was moving in the line, he would get up and move with me on the first floor so I could see him from the second floor.

So to give him space, I left LA and came back to the East Coast to give each other the space we needed. Before I left, we had sex while I was menstruating, and I set my intentions. I’ve been back since Monday, (it only being Thursday), and I have been hurting like I’ve never hurt before. We told each other we would make this work no matter what, and that we’d see each other again in December to work things out.

Last night, my heart was so heavy, I summoned Sollas. I asked him to help me, to make him have dreams of me, to make him realize that he’s made a mistake, that he needs me in his life more than he could ever imagine. And while doing this, I was outside, and I saw the biggest moth I have ever seen in my life on the chair besides me. I opened his sigil, chanted his enn, and set my intentions. I also wrote a note for him, I do it for all that I summon. The energy that washed over me while I was summoning was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. My body felt limp, I felt like I was being lifted out of the chair I was in. I looked over and the moth was still there, and I asked in my mind if that was you, and he said yes. I then finished up, and came back inside.

Afterwards, I spoke to my partner, and I told him I can’t talk to you everyday. It’s making me crazy. I can’t stop crying, I can’t stop hurting, I can’t stop wondering what he’s doing, etc. He said okay, if that was what was best for me. We agreed to speak this Saturday coming up. Ever since we last talked, he has been inactive on all social media from what I can see.

My mom and I deiced to go into town, and when I got back, the moth from last night was on the front porch. I told my mom about what I did and what happened, and she said that the moth is watching over me. Then a couple hours goes by, the moth is still there, and my mom starts to think it may be dead. So she tries to check, but it won’t budge. It still stays in the same place it has been all day.

With my heart still heavy, I summon Sollas one more time, asking for some comfort. I ask for reassurance, and I feel him tell me with time, he will feel the same pain I feel. He tells me things will work out, I just need to trust him. I tell him I trust him, but my heartaches. I feel him tell me two months. Two months. Two months. I ask to see him in my dreams, and he says he will try. I then leave the room I was in, and look out the window near the porch, and see the moth, almost like it was looking into the window at me, and then it fluttered away.

I’m sorry for the length, and I’m sorry for no real question or any kind of substance. I’m just so heartbroken. Again, I know this will work, and I know I need to trust Sollas, but in the meantime, I am miserable. I’ve been taking Xanax to calm me down during the evenings, but it just isn’t working anymore. My partner and I were still saying I love you and such before I asked to stop talking for a couple of days. So I guess that’s a good sign. I just never thought this would ever happen to me, to our relationship, etc.

I just need advice for in the meantime, everyone, what should I do to keep myself busy while Sollas does his work?


maybe take the time to study a subject? develop a new skill ? magical or not
I wish you good luck


What you do is exactly what you said…keep yourself busy. You work on yourself, become the best you. Not for him, for YOU.

Sitting around moping and boo hooing won’t do you any good. After you had a good cry and let it all out, Get up and out there (while being safe), get into you. Start working out, do some energy work, tell yourself you’re enough, you have what you need, Sallos is working the situation, so let him do his thing while you put in some work as well. Think positive, BE positive.

Don’t think about what you asked him to do, try not to lust for results, as hard as that may be. Everytime you have the feeling to obsess over your work, tell yourself, “yes…yes, i have what i need.” Or something similar, also try the Law of Attraction.

Then move on. Let go and let the spirit do what it needs to do to work the situation to give you what you asked for. Total detachment is what you need…

Good luck.


wait, I thought the title referred to Solas as an alternative name for Prince Stolas, but you meant Great Duke Sallos ?? It does makes more sense that it was Sallos in this case though


I read Sallos, it may have been in haste, and apologies to the OP if it wasn’t Sallos… but in the case it was a different spirit, just substitute the name in, my advice still stands.

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I guess we’ll have to wait for @Lemonz since Solas as an another name for Stolas doesn’t have double L.
Your advice was good, I was just curious.

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I assume Sallos, reversing the letters like that is common with dyslexia. In my personal experience Sallos isn’t a great choice post break up. I also seldom see people getting results with Sallos on specific targets. I think Dantalion, Amon, or Paimon is better in these situations.

Living your best life is the easiest path to reattract an ex, trigger the “fear of missing out” part of his brain.

It doesn’t sound like a very messy breakup, don’t make it be one. Look up someone like Clay Andrews on YouTube follow his advice before you have to undo damage you cause in damage control mode.

I know your pain all too well.


This was probably the best thing anyone could have told you.


Yes that’s what I meant sorry

It sounds like you really needed this break

See it as an opportunity

To break out of toxic patterns

To not trap each other

To actually be good for each other

It’s such a cruel thing we do when we make each other overly responsible for ourselves but it’s very easy to fall into that

Doesn’t sound like it won’t work out either

Faster you get on with finding yourself again… faster you’ll do this


Thank you, this actually helped me a lot

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No apologies necessary. Also look into the 42 angels of the name there’s some good angels there to rebuild that connection.


You need this break IMHO.

I didn’t get good results dealing with the demons about love and sex but Goddess innana really helped me, She gave me what i need more than i asked for, i suggest you get in touch with her, ask specifically what kind of person do you want, she will give you with 80% criteria base on what you want, but eventually you will realize She gives as you need, Goddess Innana is really amazing.


Just adding to what @anon8398376 said
Great Duke Dantalion and King Paimon are really good on changing people’s mind. They can also teach you how to do it yourself, the mind is something they understand deeply and they’re very inclined towards that subject.
I heard that King Paimon is not usually interested in love affairs, but he can change thoughts and teach you a lot about it. On the other hand Great Duke Dantalion is interested in those emotions of love and relationships and is also one of King Paimon’s Dukes.

Also, maybe Great Duke Sallos is working it in two months frame because that is the time you actually need for yourself? The spirits have more awareness than we do, see things that we don’t.
As I see the situation I’m just waiting for you to come back in max two months saying all worked out :slight_smile:


I second you @InnerGoddess!
I/we don´t mean to be insensitive but you dnt seem to had been in a healthy spot if what you wrote is leterally how your relatioship was like, then it´s cautious to have this time (although December seems alot of time/space to me I wish you to get back at each other sooner) to better set up your feelings to each other and not be “dependant by default” in this world.

I relate this to the story of the dog Hachiko who continued, for 9 years, to return to the same train station to await for his owner after the teacher had died of cerebral hemorrhage.

is it loyalty YES! is it fidelity YES! It is even love! but heartbreaking and unbalanced and I wouldn´t be happy in the other side if I was the teacher… Love is many thing specially freedom and healthness love is simple. You guys seemed really to be into each other just need to fix this… and @QueenMustang has written the gold


I’ve never worked with Duke Dantalion, but have worked a lot with King Paimon. I never thought of going to him since like you said, he doesn’t care too much with love.

Should I ask King Paimon to make my partner see how much he needs me? How exactly should I word it? And would it be okay to work with Duke Dantalion, Duke Sallos, and King Paimon on one issue? I have never had a problem that I felt required all of this until now lol


You can layer your magick… if that helps


I understand how dire and dreadful it may be to you, I understand the inner struggles but I personally wouldn’t ask for help from more than one spirit without contacting them first since I’ve heard from many that some spirits don’t work well with each other. Though I’m positive Great Duke Dantalion and King Paimon work well together I would still ask them if doing that would be worth it.

I’m sure more experienced people will come here and give you clearer advice.

Since you have worked with King Paimon before maybe he can teach you how to ease your inner pain while you wait? I’m sure he will have wisdom to share.


To perfectly frank… needing each other sounds like the last thing you two need more of

From your post…

This can be a wonderful HEALTHY relationship, that’s your goal … not more codependency

You should be able to function when not in each other’s pockets. Life shouldn’t crash to smithereens because he’s not right next to you

You should be able to go about your life, excited about the next time you have together rather than devastation that you aren’t together at this exact moment in space and time

This man wants healthy with you! That’s more than many of the relationship posts going on here

You can do this!

I’ll leave other people to advise you on entities and wording etc, but I truly feel more needing… is going to be the death of this relationship rather than this beautiful opportunity to find yourself and come back stronger that you actually have.


you’re right, thank you

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