I am seeing a spirit healer

I have for the longest time held back; unable to progress. Unable to enter gnostic states, trouble meditating, etc. When I was 17, I attempted my first astral projection. And that first time was my most successful attempt ever. I was able to relax completely and make it to the state of total body vibration. But at that time, I didn’t know what to expect, so when the vibration began I had not a clue what was happening… Thinking it it may indicate I’m on the threshold of projection (which I later found out was exactly that) but after some 5 minutes of total body vibration, I stapped myself out of it. Since then, I’ve NEVER been able to get back in to a similar state.

These people I am going to see remove Jinn and other kinds of possession… Which I think may have something to do with this. Everytime I meditate, my parts of my body move of their own accord… Sometimes my entire body ‘spasming.’ For instance, my arm will snap out and back, knocking something over. Or my leg will snap out. And yeah, sometimes my entire body lifts off the bed and back… I just don’t know what it is but I know SOMETHING is preventing me from doing what I want.

Update: apparently the guy is away till next month.

People who practice some form of awareness practice from tai chi to dancing, from hatha yoga to meditation, may experience some kinds of body kriyas. In general, spontaneous body kriyas are of two type: slow and sudden. In sanatana dharma yoga the word "kundalini kriya" is mostly used when speaking of the latter type. These sudden body kriyas occur as quick bodily jerks, vibrations, sudden muscle tensing alternating with relaxing, changes in breathing, puffing and making spontaneous sounds by mouth. Also mudras and bandhas such as Mulabandha, Ashwini Mudra, Shambhavi Mudra (of different degrees), Khechari Mudra, Jaya Mudra (Inner smile), many kinds of hand mudras, Uddiyana and Jalandhara Bandhas and various combinations of all these, happen spontaneously.

Wow… So that’s what those muscle twitches and stuff are?!

Body jerks and other reactions are proof of being in a state of relaxation. stop thinking too much about that and simply continue with your meditations. you’re not doing anything wrong.
When you think too much you’ll pull yourself out of the meditative state even when you don’t want to.
Eventually the twiches will stop.