I am ready for my first spell (but need help!)

I have decided to try out my luck and perform my first spell but I need suggestions and any kind of pointer you could give to a first-timer to have more chances to succeed.

I do not want a spell to attract any lover but rather a spell to attract new or old friends:
I would rather do a spell to be contacted by old gone friends (but still alive) as that is more likely to happen and therefore easier, I believe.

Alternatively, a spell to discover new friends but that will have to wait a while as the friends I go out with usually are sick at the moment and I do not really go out by myself for fun (never done that if not for a small walk).

I was thinking of this demon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vual
I read about sigils and stuff, is that one good or you guys got a more beginner friendly way? Any help is welcome and thank you!

Yes, I believe that gazing at Vual’s sigil may be a good magical way to find friends. So: you draw it inside a circle, on paper, and relaxedly look at that sigil. Visualize the goal, imagining it as if already took place, and spend all your emotion then express the result with an “affirmation”, once again in present form.


Nevermind, I gave up for now as I am not ready for that after all. :no_good_man:

If someone else has other good pointers or suggestions for a beginner, feel free to share them tho as I might re-try in future.


It is not my business to give you advices but why you don’t try to call him? Usually spirits/demons and etc are friendly and maybe he can assist you. Ask him to appear in your dreams and give you advices. Usually entities want to work with you. You can just gaze on his seal and repeat some variations from his names: “Vual, Uvall, Voval, Vreal, Wal, Wal” - try to construct something which would sound good for you.

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Yeah, I could start with that, thanks!

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Yeah. Don’t think you will do “magic”. Think you will try to do conversation with potential friend or business partner…