I am offering 9 readings (FULL)

Lol. Lots of people do this on balg forum.
No on e ever really misses a reading


Oh yes, I know and I’ve had a few done…I’m just saying I appreciate it :hibiscus:

Ok. Let m e recover from this morning ritual, it’s 22:30 and I’m going to sleep.
Begin tomorrow
If you missed this guys there is always someone doing something here.


Hi @Morgana9,

Here’s the list of the first 9, I know you’re tired so wanted to save you some time. I marked PM next to the names for those who want private.


1 - @itsnathanm7
2 - @Encore19
3 - @Darkscorpio Dark (PM)
4 - @anon48508954
5 - @Dankquanicus Dark
6 - @anon48079295 (PM)
7 - @thegs
8 - @13lueGemini
9 - @Rish (PM)


I’m interested

I guess Im to late, but if you do it again, sign me in!!

@Aprentiz you are awsome.
Am insomniac… probably from this morning

Don’t worry I got you :slight_smile:

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Ok. @itsnathanm7 insomnia probably too much power around lol.

So the The Spread given by Azazel represents the power centers and each shows what needs addressing or what is. The final is the culmination of what Can be as a result of taking action.

Cared 1 on left of Torso is Luna of the Centre of Man
Card 2 is the Solar on right of the Centre of Man
Card 3 is the crown / upper dantian also
Card 4 The Center of Man- the Dantian
Card 5 lower Dantian
Card 6 what the result is of taking action. What really needs to occur.

  1. Justice Reversed
    The finger I used for blood letting began throbbing on this card only. Words received:
    Things turned upside down. Lack of direction. Family. Family issues. Blood.

  2. 4 Pentacle. Create stability. Familial. Resolution. Family

  3. 3 Swords. Prescencing spirit. Clarity. Three hearts. Drawing himself. Prescencing himself

  4. 7 swords Reversed. Music/ Sun . Suppression. He must express himself. Move that energy

  5. Page of Wands reversed. Earth. Planting

  6. Knight of Swords Reversed. In order to express personal power need to put personal life in order.

Those were received words. The impressed understanding I have is that there are personal family things that you need to address. Blood. Also get the idea that blood magick maybe useful here. Move stagnant energies that are part of the concerns .
By prescencing spirit you can help so that you are empowered - of pulling all o f you to face all things rather than just part of you. For example if I want a result and thing s around me to go according to my manipulation I make sure I pull Myself up.

I don’t know what this fits. But when I looked at your name I asked for a connection of who you are o rr look .
I got conceptual of you or someone you know as 6 ft tall.

Dark Blessings
Morgana Le Fae



Card 1. Is on the left of the torso Luna
Card 2. Is the right the Solar
Card 3. T h e crown / upper dantian
Card 4 The Centre of Man. - dantian
Card 5. Lower Dantien
Card 6. The results

These are description of your points of power in your body and energy field.
The image I received if you to begin with was feminine. Pale skin. Voluptuous
-words received as follows.

  1. Ace of Wands reversed
    Rejection of. Not seeing herself. Light glowing. Need softness: Feminine dark waters.
  2. Empress. Young lady. Ruler of earthly voluptuous full breasts.
  3. 9 swords
    Too much concern. Release it
  4. 7 Pentacle
    Masculine effect. Restore your balance. Harvest- restorative: realign yourself
  5. 3 Swords Reversed
    Too much pressure. Your in the “wrong” order… reorder yourself. Expecting and wanting
  6. 5 Swords Reversed
    Result of not adjusting your spirit bobody’s alignment
    I noticed with my palm over the card is drawing pull to the upper left which is South East. Which is smoke I f feel to add:
    Balance your fire and waters; your east and west
    The South and the West; re align your thoughts to encourage your energy to flow. By releasing your grip on your expectations you can effect what you think is your desire into being.

Dark Blessings
Morgana Le Fae


@Morgana9, you’re absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this reading. :hugs:


Can i have one if theres availability

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I want one if possible

This read was unusual for me. Of the things I already know of you .
I channelled the cards as a spread twice and got exactly the same responses. Weird.
The Spread is not weird the way the cards spoke is weird.
The Spread is about the points of power and what these areas of the oo guys system need to be addressed.
Card 1 on the left of the torso
Card 2 on the right of the torso
Card 3 the crown w n. Upper dantiean / diamond
Card 4 The Center of Man
Card 5 lower Dantian (root)
Card 6 The culmination…results

  1. 2 Wands reversed
    Not planting or preparing
  2. 4 swords
    Foresight being ready
  3. High Priestess
    It feel like it’s right like it should be. ( t hg e weird thing t that double checking the card was same as first. Including the cloudy pulse of left side of my head and face only
    4 queen of Wands song"ready now" began playing in my head. ( This repeated itself exactly)
    Words. " Are you ready now"
  4. 6 Pentacle
    Stop asking and take control. Express your powers
  5. The fool. " take a chance"

The Azazel connection is you must decide .
Why haven’t you contacted him yet?

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@Morgana9, is this reading for me or @thegs? You replied to me but @ thegs…? I already received my reading and just want to make sure.

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Yes luv this is the reading for me😄
Yawz morgana you are truly a goddess it’s all 100% accurate,thank you so much for the reading and sorry for the hard work I’ll make it up to you somehow!!!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::tulip::tulip::tulip::tulip::tulip::tulip::tulip::tulip::tulip::tulip:
Can you give me the link to the songs?
I don’t know them😅
Release my powers…um which ones?
And I did evocation to azazel it went disastrous and well nothing happen…
Couse of my 3rd eye problem I thought he didn’t want to work me…
The high priestess on the crown chakra?
Great.is it blocked to?
I’ll pm you,but thank you again so much for you’re time and hard work.:rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


It’s addressed to @thegs
Isak DanWilson - Power

It’s the chorus “(Are you) ready now”


Can I get a reading please