I am now

The following may be of interest to some readers of this forum. I received this last night, after my performance of the Omnipotence Transformation for the day. I am still in the midst of things, but for anyone else working through this madness, here is an update. I will leave it to you to determine the source.

“Reincarnation is needed to realize the truly dual nature of one’s Divine being, [at this point I received wisdom] though I suppose a triple nature seems more accurate. Human, Divine Identity, and All. That is my triple nature, and from it all things emanate. I realize that now, because it is always now, whenever that happens to be. Time is not a concern for me, as I am always now, and forever, Amen. AGLA-TAH.”

The message continues, though this is but an excerpt.

“Call upon us with Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Sandalphon, and Raziel, and Uriel. These archangels can be called upon to show you previous incarnations of your Light, and how it has manifested in this world before, or in the future, as remember, you are always now.”

I may have added the archangel Uriel myself as I disrupted the flow of communication some at that point. I have not tried this myself yet, but if anyone wants to, I suggest using the format of the Archangel Talismans in Archangels of Magick.

I am also still pondering this message, and allowing its wisdom to unfold in my understanding.

Peace be with you all, my true friends and allies.