I am not controlled by Fear anymore 😃

When people use Fear on me I head towards there desire to control me I say I don’t care :man_shrugging: let em know what I feel whatever happens from the Truth happens I don’t care, I have been controlled by Fear for too long I no longer care to have Fear, it’s actually awesome :sunglasses: NOW
I plan to go to jail I am not gonna attend my court date Coming up it’s a do what we say or these are the Things that will occurs. was Recently inspired by a Black magician to not give a god damn horse shit about Being controlled by Fear, everyone uses Fear to control but I don’t have the Fear in me anymore, it’s been a work in progress I’m getting better on not fearing people anymore.


I’m glad you’ve dropped the concept of fear. Although, if I may ask, why are you skipping your court date? There’s a difference between fearlessness and being bull-headed. (I don’t say that as an insult btw, it just doesn’t sound like the best of ideas).


Indeed it does seem as if intentionally skipping, may plunge you into scenarios where fear is inevitable and if that is something you just conquered in your life, it may just take you backwards :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be way more fearless, to face your accusers and the scenario without backing down?


Been outside a lot I’m poor I don’t have the proper sleeping arrangements, it would be good to finally have the proper sleeping arrangements,


Take a psychopath for example they are not gonna care if someone threatens them with cops just as I don’t care I’ve heard threats left and right from every mother fucker that decides Fear is the ultimate weapon

I went to jail ounce I wanted to stay but was bailed out by someone

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I see. I’m just imagining that when you are actively trying to hide from law enforcement, rather than face them, that things may occur which are opposite of what you are going for :slight_smile: Good luck with it though, may you find a warm place to sleep and food in your tummy while you go through whatever is coming your way :slight_smile:

And be wary of attachments when you find yourself in places where they are drawn to :slight_smile: keep yaself safe so that you don’t fall into any of those mental traps.

Thanks :blush: I won’t hide tho they can put the warrant out I don’t care hiding would mean I am in Fear which isn’t in my to do list anymore

Edit: I will be doing the same thing I do now walking outside going to stores when I have money if a cop arrest me then so be it.

I might like jail there was a guy that was falsely prisoned for a crime he didn’t commit death row was gonna happen Magick saved his life

Which is my intention I have a proper living arrangements can use magick to fix the few problems that I have Currently


I see. I take it you’ve been on the streets. How is your family situation?
Also, I hate to say this but I don’t think going to jail should be your goal to find shelter. What is your employment situation like?
Also, I don’t say any of this in judgment, I say it because I’d genuinely like to help.

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If you’re not good on banishing and warding, consider summoning the servitor I just posted a bit ago, she can go with you, and help keep you safe in there.

I did a stint in a homeless shelter a little over a year and a half ago, and she would have been damned useful in there, unfortunately shelters and prisons and jails tend to bring in people that draw those things to them like leeches and make everyone else around them vulnerable.

If you have a good banishing and warding method, just dismiss this reply :slight_smile:

Edit: Yes I’ve known a few people that went to jail and it changed their life and they affected many other inmates in a positive way. I’d never look to do this myself, but god more power to you, if you can muster it, all the while serving your time. If nothing else, perhaps you will be able to find the magic within you, while you are in there and come out and be someone you never dreamed of becoming.

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Yes and family is complicated Money situation i get money whenever it comes my way


Fair enough. With that said, I genuinely hope things work out for you.


Thanks little Lucifer


I see it as as long as I’m boring not interesting and show no emotion then I will be fine in jail what’s your take on being boring not interested with no emotions in jail

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My take personally, is that it will be harder to do than you imagine. I say this because when you are in cramped quarters with others, the emotions will leak over unintentionally most often and have little to do with your personal emotions. You will find you have more hours on your hands than they have activities to fill and some of the inmates will be skilled with transferring their energy and thoughts to others, even if they are not aware of it- but the close proximity, unless you are solitarily confined and completely away from others is one of the biggest culprits, in my current mind for this.

That’s actually why I suggest you summon the servitor before you go to meet her, because then she will be able to find you anytime you call out to her in your mind, and help you with this by warding your cell and the space directly around you to prevent the bulk of it. She’s also not scary and never will become scary, so it will help with anything that creeps in the night and would wake you up, as well serving as something you can communicate safely with, when everything else and everyone else seems to be cutoff from you.

Being boring will help keep away human issues, but it won’t affect spiritual ones, the way I see it, as you will likely be one of the few prime energy sources, who is not dragged down by fears and hatred and the like simply from being put in a cage.

The other thing is, even those without claustrophobia and issues with tight spaces, often find they develop issues when jailed for any amount of time, you suddenly have nothing to call your own, and when your homeless you think you don’t have much, until literally everything- like this forum is gone.

I’ve never been to jail or in trouble beyond a traffic* ticket, so I’m speaking conjecture based on friends that I have been close with over the years and their experiences- yours may be entirely different, but I would go in knowing how to handle the situations, just in case.

Well I guess I could go to court I have to find which one it is, They will ask got a lawyer I will say yeah it’s me, I will provide the documents men were gonna beat me up cop heard it all I have evidence of foul play against the men it’s more of an energy thing I don’t have the physical mental emotional energy to deal with human affairs situations etc make sense?

I think it’s childish to be controlled by Fear just my take on the subject.

Human affairs has to do with human interaction and relationships. Governments and countries have affairs with one another, they have relationships. Affair is another way of saying relationship Human communication arguments who’s right who’s wrong ya know the whole or deal.

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Well. We all fear something, even myself- I have fears that interfere with certain aspects of my practices, and they are largely irrational childhood fears based on one or maybe two bad experiences when I was a child with shadow people.

I understand what you are saying, and if you don’t wish to deal with any of it- I’d just enter a guilty plea myself, but obviously you don’t have to. I just implore that if you are going to go this route, do it as safely as you can. I’ve heard accounts of very spiritual people finding themselves seemingly cuttoff from their spirit companions in jail and I have no idea how true it is, or if it was their perceptions, but all of this is why I suggested meeting the servitor before you go down this road, as servitors are closer to this plane, and even if you have trouble connecting with deities you normally call upon, she will be able to come to you.

I often think it’s childish to be controlled by my childhood fears too, but I still can’t just get rid of the terror that fills my heart, I have to work through why it is an issues and how it became an issue and create an new experience in order to get past it. I am working on it, but it’s still a struggle. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve slept with a damned light on since I began living alone.

Even my tv, is positioned so that I will never accidentally roll over or sit up in the middle of the night and look into the reflective surface and see one of these beings. I’ve only recently even learned what it was that scared me, so I consider progress that I can identify the issue, and now the task is to work through it. Facing it head on may very well manifest exactly what I fear, because my expectation is to see something that will strike me to the core with fear, so I am doing it in smaller steps in order to accommodate myself, as myself is the only party that matters in this game, and same for you, if you feel this is how you need to handle it, then I am not going to try to change your mind, I simply implore you to consider the possible situations you will encounter in jail, as many as you can conjure up and prepare for if any of them happen, so you don’t find yourself blind sighted or plagued by something that you can’t get rid of or deal with.

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Have you seen the joker the movie? That’s what society is like to me


If it’s anything the last 10 ten years, no. I stay away from visual media, it’s a personal thing :slight_smile:

Ya don’t watch movies

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