I am new to this and have no one to talk to

Hello, I am new to the lfp. My husband is VERY against all magick, demons, movies about ghosts and demonics, etc. He is not even religious, so I don’t really get it. however, he was possessed, so that is probably why. It was a mean mofo. made my.life hell for a week. Multiple.different times. Told him things in his head. He banished it.

This is a very lonely path. I have no one to talk to. I cant practice any magick or rituals because I have a very very tiny home and I can’t get any time alone to do this.

Does anyone have any ideas for someone like me? I have tried the pathworking for Lucifer, because he is who I would love to work with, but I have not had any results.

If any one has any ideas on how I can follow this path in secret, I would really appreciate it. This is so not easy for me and I have been getting dreams that are implying I am being tied down and cannot express myself, and am frustrated.
I love him, and as much as he should accept my beliefs, I realize that there are many people that can’t shake theirs, so I am asking you all for some advice.
Thank you in advance!

Yes, this gets asked at lot. If you search on keyword like “tool free” magick and “astral temple” and “stealth” there’s a few ideas there. :slight_smile:

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I figured. Thank you!

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