I am new to magik

Anybody that is in north Cyprus that know about let hand path and where to get this things I need …should help me out please

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Why North Cyprus in particular? :laughing:

Welcome :slight_smile:

You’ll find a lot of stuff on eBay. Mostly everything else you’ll see them in various occult shops online.

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Are you in north Cyprus

@Blacklord as a fellow member has already pointed out, why North Cyprus in particular?
Are you in need of a mentor with whom you can meet and practice? Because that’s what I get from this post. Please explain.

Yes I do …

Oh well… Why don’t you do an internet search then? There must be someone in your country who can offer mentorship. It will be much easier than making a thread here that a vast majority of members won’t even see.

How can I do the search

go to Google.com, type in what you’re looking for and hit enter…

Funny you

It wasn’t a joke though, nor was I trying to be funny. :woman_shrugging:t5: You asked…

…and I answered your question. I did a quick 5 second google search on "North Cyprus Occult Shops and a few links came up. Peruse through the sites & see if any of those links provide the information you’re looking for.

Good luck & I hope you find what you need👍🏾

Literally though what kind of answer do you expect to such a silly question?