I am new to left hand . I need help in what to do

I am new to left hand. I have always been driven to the dark side. I don’t know where to start?

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First, do an introduction on the forum. Present yourself.

After that, use this:


You can start here. Use this wonderful tool and there you go.

The LHP has various branches. Searching the forum will show you this. Look for the one who suits you better and you go to study it. There’s also a lot of book recommendations, so it’s an easy job.

Welcome and good luck.


I would have to suggest meditation and reading as it’s the foundation to getting to know the actual systems at work here and to understand the meaning and symbolic importance of those systems. You can also start with grounding, visualisation, candle and sigil magick.

Meditation will always do its job properly as it expresses the self in the state of a formless filter.

Learning how to ride out meditation until reaching trance states is astonishingly powerful and will open up your lens and senses to an acute degree. You become more aware of the presence, the detail with it will come with your perspective.

Since your vibration heightens with meditation, your responses and acknowledgement of the world around you changes thus opening you up to a new paradigm of learning. That’s your journey.

Your focus is your vision, if one is weak so is the other. Always have a clear vision in mind. Clarity means all. The power of focus is probably one of the most important aspects to practice daily. Without it, the mind cannot express itself in its most potent form. You must become free of your own doubt, fearless, have that wanderlust to understand our creation. I can PM some book suggestions if you want.


Awesome! Thank you…

I am thankful for the information. I know how chaos magic works. I have created a few sigils myself… I also have researched a bunch… my husband is of the left hand. I am just becoming awaked.

Please do a proper introduction and tell us about yourself. It is a rule of this forum.