I am new here and would love to know more

My name is martin Imoonie . I am new here and new to the world of magic, I really want to know more
I would to get magical assistance in my finances (massive financial grow and instant money ) and my academics, so if anyone can give me direction, books and charms to help me I would really appreciate

I am just a simple business man with an inquisitive mind .:+1:



People are unlikely to post you books, and we don’t trade pirated stuff, PDFs, etc., on here, but I’ll shortly send you a PM with some useful links to get started in it. :+1:

You can always use the search function. A lot of people make posts about money spells and other useful things, so you may find whatever you need without having to start a new topic on it.

Just don’t make threads to ask for spells.

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welcome to BALG. most everything you might be curious about can be found using the search button up at the top and if you have any questions you can pm somebody or post it in a correlated topic to get a wide variety of answers.

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Welcome to the forum!

A few words of advice: Magick is not like it is portrayed in the movies. There is no such thing as “instant money.”