I am looking forward to King Belial’s return

If EA Koetting is true in his last YouTube announcement, my great Father Belial is going to come forth.

I for one am awaiting his coming. I know many of you are also.


You should contact Balial yourself; don’t ea’s word for it. Bear in mind that Eric is running a business.

Is he going to have to register for taxes, and buy an alarm clock, and socks, and toilet paper? What about a phone, is he an Apple kind of guy, or one of the other brands?

The physical realm is great but it does have certain specifics, that a newly incarnate being may find confusing. :thinking:

I’m being semi-serious here, travelling in the astral planes it;s normal to get organs replaced with crystals or similar archetypal symbols so you attune and fit in more.

Who gets to take Belial shopping for pants? Do we get reaction videos of him travelling on planes or trains without them?

This whole thing may raise more questions than it answers…


You mean he isn’t gonna walk around in his birthday suit? :joy::smiling_imp:


I understand Eric is running a business, perhaps it was a metaphorical arrival because he has his new book.

But if my Father is coming I wonder what form he will choose as the dominant form- an eons-old being who has had more time and power to define himself than mortals can ever consider… what would it be?

I have seen him in a few forms, I wonder if it would be human?

Of course he wouldn’t literally be human as any mortals dare challenge him would find out. It’s just his choice of appearance should he choose it.


Last time a saw Belial, he looked like he was wearing a robe, but actually turned out to be darkness itself that was wrapped around him, which was as interesting to see as it would be hard to describe to normies. Anyway, i hope he will be like superman or something when he gets here. Otherwise i don’t see him lasting long given his…Very extroverted nature. On the other hand his many, many court appearances will be something to behold.

Judge: Mr. Belial, let’s see what brings you before me this morning, You beat a young man half to death at that nightclub for taking offence at you staking your hand down his girlfriend’s pants, took the arresting officer hostage with his own gun, drove his patrol car to his home then proceeded to have sex on the hood with his wife as he watched and to top it all off you then drove said patrol car through the side of a International House of Pancakes…My, that’s quite the evening.

And for that matter, what exactly would a jury of his peers look like. :thinking:


People keep forgetting he runs in the blood of the black magic community x
Belial is the basis of magic, a current of manipulation, the manifestation of the Will of the magician.

Im sure EA meant this in a more metaphorical manner.This is the age of Belial because black magicians have once again started getting stronger…and they will thrive and prosper hopefully x


I’m actually not so sure about that. :wink:


Now that I think about it, I hope that this is not the case.