I am in an emergency now

Yesterday night my grandfather got arrested for the crime
He didn’t do
And now he is sentenced to 7 years of jail
And it is injustice
And the financial position of my family is not strong
I don’t know what to do
And Rgt now I’m suffering from anxiety
And my whole property will be seized by the court
But I want to stop all of this
Which demon should I invoke
Or evoke
And idea on this type of situations
It will be a great help from u all
Thank you …

Are you old enough to gain a full-time job? If so, do you currently have one?

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Just to gather some clarification. He was arrested yesterday night and has already been sentenced to seven years jail? That would suggest that the trial and sentencing took place less than 24 hours from arrest. Can you confirm if the timings presented are correct? If so, that would be very unusual in most countries.
Can I ask which country this occurred in?
The reason I think this may be relevant is that some approaches may be more viable in some jurisdictions than others. For example, some parts of the world influencing someone into accepting a bribe to get him out may not take that much influencing.
In some places procedures around appealing convictions and sentences are much more complex than others, that may require much more complex workings to influence a greater number of people and outcomes.
Approaches you can take to try to alter the situation with magickal assistance (in conjunction with mundane efforts too of course) may vary considerably depending on the circumstances and processes within the relevant jurisdiction.


Concomitantly with indeed a “secular” strategy, you may for example pray St. Expedite or do a sigil spell (or evocation) with Belial.


He is arrested two weeks ago and on him there are charges of seven murders

I’m 20 rgt now
But my uncle loves me extra so much he tell me to focus on my studies rather than going out and do the job

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Hopefully corruption isn’t involved, in this case an accusation so severe may be proved wrong. About working, the present situation changes everything, a job wouldn’t have short term benefits but along with a spell or ritual can be effective.


I have the same curiosity as @ragepanda, although I understand laws differ from country to country.

In this case I would call on Belial, who can be of excellent help in legal matters, and also Seere, who can influence quick decisions in your (grandfather’s favour)


This happened because my grandfather is a working minister is another party
But the ruling party in india
Is different
So because of getting the votes
They reopen the case the anti aikh riots 1984 case now
And put the innocent one inside
51 old people are behind the bars
All of them are innocent
But rgt now.
I want my grandfather back That’s it


Thnk u

Thnk u :grinning::grinning:

The last idea which occurred me a few days ago, concerning taking mundane action, was about making sure he has an appointed attorney. But that may not always be provided for.


I didn’t understand

In some movies the sentence “If you can’t afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you” is heard. It seems that’s provided for in USA, in reality; but, alas, surely not worldwide.


Ya Canada doesn’t have it either. We have something supposedly similar according to a quickie google

“One of the main differences between Miranda rights and Charter rights is in Canada you do NOT have a right to have a lawyer with you in the room while you are being interviewed by the police (unless you are under 18 years old). Our Supreme Court confirmed this in a 2010 decision, R. v. Sinclair , 2010 SCC 35.”

Which probably means they can harass browbeat. And coerce to their hearts content since they don’t have to stop for you to have council (a lawyer) there to object to it and tell their client to shut up and walk (walk is figurative).

Then again, our systems a mess anyways what with how life is supposed to = 25 years (small improvement it used to be 20) for murderers and non consecutive sentences meaning serial Killas have a chance a getting back out onto the streets.

Seriously no death penalty for creeps like the pig farmer Picton guy and no consecutive sentenced someday he might get out :unamused:

Add: What I’m trying to say by that is that the USA is probably the only country in the world with the free lawyer part and is ironically a better country then mine when it comes to locking away serial killas for public safety.

Karla Holmoka I don’t think I need say more.

As to your problem, I’ve read a lot of threads and a lot of them recommend calling on Belial for legal issues.
So without further ado I wish you The best of luck and success with the situation.


What I have observed while watching interrogation videos from the US and Canada. Once the suspect says I want to speak with my lawyer or I want a lawyer the US detectives will abord the interrogation. While the Canadian detectives will acknowledge that statement and will continue the process.

I heard about that case, was that the guy that threw big parties, and cut up prostitutes?

If he done the crime I wouldn’t do anything to save him
But he is an innocent
He didn’t do anything

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