I am done with magic(probably)

I’m done with magic.I have enough.I don’t want to lie to yourself but I’m really disappointed.
I am trying on some processes in the magic and nothing.I’m out of work for a long time, I never had money, I do magic and it mostly every time fails to appear properly.Communicate with angels, and sometimes it seems to me that any results out of that and that it’s just my subconscious.I guess I’m done with magic.It’s not the art but magic is a science.And when results doesnt appear so screw it.Fuck… why did we magic we want to see results.I’m really tired of waiting.I need help with something and it’s not coming.I feel like I’m immune to magic


Your mindset is wrong.

Integrate Abraham Hicks into your daily life and I know you’ll find your results manifesting more, and more easily - in time. Hey, it’s better than having a pity party.


Try a sidestep ritual for something you want yet rarely think much about. If it’s on your mind’s notification feed all the time it won’t surprise you and that’s the best way to start it.

Cast for something like a free slurpee or an odd hobby you like yet don’t give much thought to. There’s a sweetspot that can only be “known” after you’ve had it happen a few times. You’ll see it. Aim to the side and forget about it, rinse and repeat


It’s all about the mindset. With the mindset you have currently, all you will manifest is failure.


Sorry to hear about your situation. That has to be difficult. I’ve been in that place of not having work and it really sucks.

In my personal experience, when Magick doesn’t work it’s normally for a couple of reasons:

  1. User error. Meaning me being in a bad place or wrong emotional state for the work at hand. When we are shaping reality, it’s often driven by our emotions. When they don’t line up with what we are trying to create, it can prevent it from happening (essentially we are creating contradictions that fight ourselves)

  2. Not being willing to do my part. Sometimes Magick/spirits/angels will try to line up the bowling pins of success for us but we still have control of the ball and have to take steps to activate it. It normally won’t come to our door.

If you’d like to talk more I’d like to hear your thoughts on this when you’re not drunk. Though, based on your profile pic you were such a drunk kitten that you actually sat at the dinner table. My goodness. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Stop drinking so much and your magic might work


@AdamThoth as a person with an absurdly high alcohol intake every now and then I can assure you that magick works also for the drunk practicioner :heart:


Lmao this is a gold comment.

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Not if it’s causing him to have depression and anxiety. Too much of anything is going throw off one’s balance and that balance is part of having the proper mindset for most things in life not just magic. You may be a heavy drinker and you may think it doesn’t effect you at all but I guarantee once you start to fall out of balance and life becomes unmanageable then it definitely will. Lots of heavy drinkers do just fine but too much is too much and if he’s having too much it’s not going to help.


Cheers to the always balanced people out there, then :beers:


I was such a drunk at one point it landed me in jail for a couple months, when they arrested me my BAC was enough to kill a man twice my body weight, that’s how high my tolerance was. Went through that journey, learned the lessons. Been sober and staying that way, not many people go as far as I did and live to tell the story. Here’s to the balanced people indeed! :tea:


And what the solutions?

Do you mean how to have success in Magick or do you mean something else?

How to change the mindset? Any exercises? Rituals?

just keep trying, and try not drinking, it might help, my suggestion? work with Lucifer or King Paimon

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He’s not wrong. First of all, the OP might actually save money if he wasn’t so busy buying alcohol, which I doubt is once in a blue moon.

Magick does indeed from my experience start in the mind. The mind projects onto the reality your experiencing. Alcohol warps one’s way of thinking, especially when taken in large quantities. Ergo, if taken in large quantities it can affect you in more ways than one. Health is important in magic and if you aren’t taking care of yourself, you’ll only get hurt.

On that same note, alcohol also affects decision making. Magic is affected by choice too. A solution? Stop letting alcohol rule you. If you don’t, you can spiral out of control and die. I have a friend on here who struggled with that and got brought back twice from almost dying. It’s not a joke. It doesn’t affect magic my ass.

Beyond that, your mindset is also what’s in the way. You need to vibrate with what you want to attract more of it.

So. Get rid of alcohol + take better care of your body + change your mindset + circumstances= better manifestation and life in general.


The did you by any chance did rituals from Gordon winterfield books?
Or damon brand?
Well cheer up buddy,it’s not you’re fault…
Since my mother language is hebrew I took a look at their books and well…my glasses turned black!!!
They how should I say this gently,didn’t translate the Angel’s and the names right, there are so many mistakes and yes if a letter or even punctuation,written wrong, the amulets,and seals and other Jewish kablistic objects like the mezuzot,are called defected and forbidden to use because if you’re lucky they won’t harm you and if you’re not lucky,well…except lots of trouble to come you’re way.
Let’s start with Gordon,he has a famous black round seal in the beginning of his books.
Two sentences written on them one up and one below.
The one above is “אהיה שהר אהיה”
When it should be “אהיה אשר אהיה”
Now the worst part is that this seal
supposed to protect you,but its defected!!!so you won’t get protection and you’ll get trouble for using corrupted sigil…
So I look other books of him,and I saw sigils of the goetia gods drawn uncompleted,twisted,again crutial mistake in one name instead of צבאות it’s written צבאית…
And the worst part written a well known arch angelname like gabriel-גבריעל when it should be-גבריאל. You supposed to scan the names and it won’t give you what you working for because of those mistakes . So frankly I would avoid using his books since he got a lot Hebrew seals that I don’t know if they are right or wrong or if their names are translated correctly. So dont put you’re life on the stake for an amature couse if he was so careless about such important issues he doesn’t worth you’re time and money.
And for the second clown:damon brand
Again…mistakes in the most crucial stuff his seals are with angel names missing important letters like calling angel - מלך instead of מלאך.
The writing of how to pronounce are full of mistakes so you get to say something else from what was written,and like he said himself he’s books are just entertainment and of course that he dosen’t take responsibility for what will happen even if it’s his mistakes.and why should he it’s not his life that will get ruined from the defective books he’s selling.
And this is outrageous and frustrating that others who dont know Hebrew well will fall to the same place.
I will personally will never use their books cous I dont know from where they taken all the rest of the knowledge and I can’t compare to find out. What writing wrong and what’s right.
And another thing if you got so angry and want to throw away the books,don’t.
The names that are written right are holy and so in the Jewish tradition defected books and stuff are usually stored or getting archived so the person who getting rid of them won’t get troubles and mis fortunes.
Usually just put them out or in,cinnegods and they wi know what to do with them.
And try something else in magick it is open for everyone You just need to find your’e way in it!!!:smiley::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


@thegs Well, in fact, I think that some of the information about angels and their abilities are confused in this book.One angel, for example Sitael can create passionate sex but elsewhere it says that it does not and others that it can and vice versa.Then what to believe? Then I read that angel Jeliel can create passionate sex wtf???

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This comment has been the highlight of my occult day! :joy:

Damon Brands Archangels of magick worked for me