I am done feeling stressed and like shit

I shall now call the great Leviathan


There is a dick joke here that just want to be told, but I can’t come up with anything.


well the Leviathan calling didnt work, I saw him extremely angry but did not feel many vibrations, perhaps it was the succubus screwing with me, either way…

also, lmfao at the dick joke search lol

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My succubi and my incubus get into “funny mood” (annoying mood) when there is room for joking, which means that there is no need for being all serious and martial. If your succubus is annoying you, maybe she knows that things are not as bad as you see them.

I have been in your position before. You need balance and focus. If you are feeling frustrated and you are not focus, it will be difficult to manifest. I listen to meditation music to refocus and I like to visualize what i want to manifest. Once I am back in balance, I get back to work with my demons. You are your own God. Believe in yourself.


my succubus is the reason my channels are as damaged as they are, she hates me i think, ive literally had my neck snapped in the astral, got pulled through the neck backdown a hell realm and more, this isnt a im messing with you as a joke, this relationship is extremely toxic 4 both of us

The great thing about this is that you don’t need magic for it.
You made the decision already.
That’s step one.
Now you have to stick to it, don’t let people and things get you down. Much easier said I know, but you absolutely have the power on your own to change your mindset.
I believe in you.

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Grounding may help if didn’t done yet.

change your area of focus,change where the energy flows go there that you want,breath it and become it and do things accordingly.