I am back

Sorry I had to disappear for some time. I have been swamped in rituals and other projects that I have had going on. As well my guides kept telling me to keep off here for a bit along with other social media. I find my phone as a means for grounding and I had to be more on the spiritual side of things for a while. Anything happening?! Lol


Welcome back good buddy! I didn’t stay gone either. When the shit storm blew over I missed talking to these nuts. :rofl:
Your instagram is looking great btw, Magickdoneright isn’t it?


Welcome back!

You haven’t missed just a crapton .
Same Ole BALG. :upside_down_face:

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Yea thanks man. Its taking off like crazy and a big part of why my time has been taken up. Plus getting the website together


Thata fine with me

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Im not sure if I replies to my own post lmao but I meant to say your youtube video with grand infinity joe march as really good


Thank you man I enjoyed talking with Joe, he’s a great guy


Where is Joe anyway? I want to get in touch with him to ask him some things and can’t find him