I am a very experienced user of white magick. I need help with black magick

Who do I need to learn knowledge from? The only gods i have ever invoked are the Greek gods. How do i invoke a demon safely and make a pact with him/her? who is the best for newcomers of dark magic? and who will help me, and what can i do to help them? also, do you have any tips on a dedication ritual i could do to lucifer? I would really like to become a living god, and like i said in the title i am extremely experienced with white magick, and working with the greek gods and their natural energy. I have never worked with a demon before, and am very interested and I really want to become like E.A. Koetting

Very experienced, indeed! I would say your first step should be to want to be yourself, Hailey.

The Greek gods themselves are the best place to start, if you already have a relationship - don’t throw over existing links just because you want a new direction, most pantheons have some gods among them who embrace the darker aspects of reality.

They may be able to recommend where to go and which beings to contact who will work harmoniously with them - I came to black magick and demonic work from a background of doing healing and a lot of white-light kind of work, but I didn’t have to sever any links with spirits to make that shift, so I don’t see why you would need to, it’s not “demons OR gods” deal - they’re all spirits, and many seem to have very strong links and work well together on different levels of reality.

As for getting started and learning more about E.A.'s methods of evocation and magick, try the Member Resources thread, which has a ton of links to stuff for that.

Also, please check your Messages link at the top of the page, I sent you a reminder to do an intro, thanks. :slight_smile:

I would add that if you already have experience with the Hellenic gods, you might consider the Heroes as an introduction to the sort of chthonic energy that many demons seem to have. As you may know, in Hellenic practice, the Heroes are not just well-regarded humans, but are a distinct class of spiritual being. A good resource from an academic perspective is On Heroes by Flavis Philostratus.

My advice would be to contact Herakles, the only Hero to have become a theos, a god. He can be contacted as either an Olympian god or a hero. I would recommend evoking him in his Olympian aspect, and ask for his help in approaching his hero aspect and the heroes in general. I think you will find him friendly and eager to help.

Best of luck.

Also Hermes, I mean, hello :slight_smile: - possibly one of the gods MOST associated with magick by people from any background, and he’s not linked solely to “light” kind of aspects or values either.

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If you were that experienced with what you call “white magick” you would not recognize the difference between the illusory labels of white and black or good and evil. Lucifer was not included in Biblical text as a demon until the text was translated into Latin. Lucifer is an ancient Roman God. ALL MAGICK IS BLACK MAGICK GAWD DAMMIT! Here is why… You are manipulating and changing the will of the "creator"and what he has intended for you.

You are the magick. The nature of demons is no where near the evil that dwells within the hearts of mankind. Your intent, no matter what path you take whether light or dark will bring out your true divine self. Remember this… whenever a light is shined a shadow is cast. Absolute light or absolute darkness are equally blinding.

A black magickian allows the darkness to envelop them that the darkness will be an impetus for the internal light of self divinity to shine. These are different to primitive minds who lack soul evolution. The wheel of the year integrates summer and winter.

Magick is fuckin magick. It is considered sin no matter what Xian paradigm you follow. Rid yourself of the illusion of reality and know that it is the divine will and light within that allows you to compel darkness for the greater good of mankind. Infernal blessings to you and yours.

The term white magick pisses me off. I am the eye between the reflector and the reflected. This is the eye of Lucifer. The eye of wisdom and knowledge. He who has knowledge of heaven and hell. Mature through experience and just practice magick to better yourself okay. This is the way of becoming. Synchronomicon Aboen Lucifer!

The only thing which takes your power is that which tells you that you yourself is not magick.

Totally agree with Lady Eva. Interestingly, I’ve seen people supposedly possessed with a spirit who claimed to be this or that god/goddess from the Greek or Hindu pantheon. Good and evil is all a matter of perspective as Pom stated. X’ians this everything not of Jesus is from the devil and your sould is dammed for eternity for being curious. We know that thinking is horse shit. I would also suggest not to rush into making frivolous pacts with spirits because “everyone” is doing it. Its not a pissing contest, about who has a pact with a stronger demon. Find what works best for you, find what you may be interested in learning, and if your spiritual contacts wont help you in that area, ask them who will help you, or research a spirit who is known to work in that area and begin seeking their aide. Experimentation is a great way to learn. EA and this forum has lots of resources to give you a great start.

Good luck in your accent.