I am a newborn in all supernatural and Magick stuff

My name is Chimchim. I apologize if I introduced myself late. And thank you for the welcome. I am not much active on the magick practice but I am more on the studies and research part. I am a solitary type when it comes to magick. Since I was on Highschool i had been interested in the world of Magick. I ones casted a spell but I didn’t know id it worked or not since I was still very immature and I don’t have any knowledge about the practice before. However, I am more on the dream realm. My dreams usually takes place in reality after a few years. I still am trying to get further understanding as to how I can understand and gain control in some aspects. Also, with everyone’s guidance and help.

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Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome :slight_smile:

You’re very much welcome. And I am greatful to be part of this community. :blush: