I always make the same type of dream since 5 months

(hi .w.)
Some details first, if that can help; Since 5 months I started to work, and live, during night. Two times, I have switch to day and then to night again during this time. So my schedule was not really stable during transitions.
I wake up all “night” one or two time, but I’m able to fall asleep again. This is not cause by the fact that I have switch day to night, because it always happened before too.

So now my dreams…
They are always the same type. I’m somewhere that I know, most of the time. Here no problem.
What is strange is that, in all my dream I’m in danger. It’s like the end of the world and I have to protect myself, escape and etc. I flee and escape from something. for example, if in my dream I’m in my house, I’m going to dream that someone or zombies are trying to get in my home. They manage to come in, but I always succeed, every time to escape by stranges techniques.

if it happened only a few times I would not mind … but it’s been 5 months that it’s happen every night !
I think about it and ask myself what it could be, try to relax because it could be some stress… But nothing change.
I miss my dreams…

I come here to ask some help about what’s happening to me ._.

Two initial thoughts off the top of my head:

  1. Your dreams are reacting to the raised levels of the stress hormone cortisol cause by your schedule.

  2. Something is trying to contact you with a message or wanting to work with you, and your fear is what’s making them look scary. I you can consciously go back into the dream in meditation, and communicate with them they may turn out to be something quite different. Ask an entity you trust to go with you if you like.


I agree with the above. To add, could be parasites, or other negative energy, so, may want to try banishing if the first suggestion doesnt work out.


It can be a deep rooted conditioning in ur mind which will find manifestation. UR external world is a reflection of your inner world and if U R seeing the same stuff again and again then U have to somehow resolve the issue. Other wise it may haunt U in reality.

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Many options @[email protected]

If it happen because of my sleep cycle then I Can not change a thing sadly…

Mh… I can try to meditate and go back in my dream… But I have more chance to fall asleep and not be able to control my dream to not escape ^^"
It will take time but it’s interesting to test.

Infortunatly, I know no entity ahah so I will have to go alone.

I can try a bannishing too ! Do you know a good way to do it ? I have never done one ! And O don’t know the power of my protection… so it will not surprise me

So, solution: méditation too ?

It’s always the solution ahah

Thank you for you answer everyone :slight_smile:

I have found if you sleep while holding a piece of Shungite or Black Tourmaline in your hand you can become highly resistant to these invasions… also you might have want to program your self to be more aggressive to while dreaming… but this can have negative results… as for banishing I personal will SHOUT out for all entities to leave my space regularly at home… doing this with confidence and maybe while evoke energy such as blue or black flames can aid with removing the entity.


so to give some news, it still happen. Mostly everynight, the others nights ? I just don’t dream because I just sleep 2-3 hours… x)
I try to control my dreams, for now, still impossible.
I feel no fear during the dream… it’s really strange. But I automatically move, run, escape, defend myself when I seem to need to. The other day (in the dream) I jumped from a roof and cuted the head of a zombi in half with something that looked like a rake but no x) all that without fear… what is strange is that I have a monstrous fear of zombi. But seens I do this type of dream, the fear is gone !

I fully protect myself and get rid of things that I can spot… but the dreams continue shrug
It’s driving me crazy xD

so my next try to get rid of this dreams o/
If someone here is cursing me, attacking me or whatever… just stop. For what reason do you do it ? Have I injured you or something ? just come say it to me then ! I have never wanted to hurt someone here, so if I it’s the case I want to know, it wasn’t my intention.
And it’s really immature
If you don’t have a reason to make my dreams like shit… well, okay :slight_smile:
you will see

that’s all for today o/

If your willing to put in the work…ALGIZ is a great tune for protecting yourself against any evil and THURISAZ can remove all fear as well as giving you the courage and confidence to fight back at this entity.

From what I’ve seen if they can take advantage of you they will! And they won’t stop until you make them!