I almost got into a Fight at work

Ok so apparently i was talking with this guys cousin and we were joking around with each other. There was some flirting and some sexual shit talk, nothing else past that. This chick was carrying 90% of the conversation, while i was doing the other 10%.

Lol she even continued flirting after i asked her was she married.
She is older than her Cousin who is like 18. Im 21. Shes 28

How the fuck does this nigga feel offended that we were talking and tries to challenge me at work into a fight??

I understand thats his cousin and that she married, but i could give two fucks about either situation lol. Especially after she continued to flirt when she couldve told me to fuck off.

Should i be concerned about this weak piece of shit?
I mean, his cousin is a grown ass woman and can speak for herself.

Anything im missing here?

I am prepared to fight, both physically and otherwise. This guy is bigger than me yeah, but he can see i dont give a fuck about him or any other bullshit so Im not intimidated by that.


Bro, it doesn’t matter. You’re still fighting with yourself as you post this. That’s the problem. If you aren’t, you wouldn’t feel upset.

Get your shit integrated, find some focus, and move forward. If there are people in your way, you remain calm because they already mean nothing to you.

This conflict is meaningless.


Depends on how far he’s willing to go. If it ends with fisticuffs then do what you will. If he’s prepared to go farther, say with a weapon or maybe with four other guys you don’t know about…

My thinking is that even if you win, that’s not going to be the end of it. You’ll get jumped by several guys in the parking lot when you least expect it.

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Thats exactly what i was thinkin @Faustus

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If homie can’t handle two adults having a conversation let him shake and get hot over it. Keep your cool bro. :+1::smirk_cat::tophat:

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@BlackFlameEmissari I will
I realized like Epsilon said im essentially making a big deal out of bullshit

But Im still prepared with that mars energy just incase :smiling_imp: