Hypothetical question

Let’s say you could have control over the occult and its entirety obviously Currents,Paths,Cults,Books,Empires,Kingdoms and what’s unknown.

What would you do with this level of power and control?

And How Would you feel knowing that everything is just a snap of finger away?

And what would you create with this level of power i.g Beyond gods beyond the already beyond infinity impossible and unimaginable.


I would eat pizza and laugh at the rest of the world cause, well, I’m a shitty person :joy:


Make world a better place , and awake people from the shi*ty things government is brainwashing them.

I’m such in a vindictive dark mood right now that only thing i can think of right now is revenge… Then i’ll think about the other stuff once i’m done

An idea occurring to me now is that I’d devise a way to “expand the possibilities” for everyone. That is, simplify some mundane things and make others accessible without magick (or anyways, magick itself would become a bit more accessible). All this in a certain manner, so to avoid a resulting mess.

I’d be like Odin: I would put on a disguise and run around every world to see what I can learn and sacrifice parts of myself for knowledge.

I would do whatever I wanted.

I would have intercourse with myself

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I fucking LOVE ya dude! :joy:
I was gonna say I’d poof up some mac and cheese and watch them all scrabble about their miserable lives.


“chop wood, carry water”

Eh, makes me think of Good Omens;

The legions of hell are at Adam’s disposal, what does he do? Closes the cracks back up and lives his life as the God on Earth.