Hypothetical Question: What To Do When No Protection Method Works?

By “protection method”, I’m talking about cleasing/banishing/calling on spirits that protect you/etc.

I had a thought earlier today that I wanted to ask about. Say there’s a horrible entity tormenting you and literally nothing works when it comes to fending it off. What then? What would be considered the last resort?


Ritual of exorcism , legit ones are extremely potent


Your higher-self! According to Robert Bruce it’s always there watching you and have your back if you listen to it! Also sometimes its the one allowing this to happen to you for some weird reasons…

Have you tried the Core Affirmation regularly?
I am loved and I am worthy. I am safe and I am free. I am powerfully protected. I am master of my body and ruler of my mind.

If an entity tormenting you, you need to know “why”! Did someone send it? Did you piss it off somehow? Is it attracted to an idea or feelings you carry in your head?


Attack it back? Till it learns that every time it tries to get to you you’ll get to it right back, hard? Call the big guns (and all the guns) and rout the fellow

Gotta be sure it’s an actual spirit tho and not just some mental thing.

There was a moment there that i was sure i was being constantly attacked mentally… turns out i’ve ocd. My mind was being flooded with intrusive thoughts.


Very true that. Parasites are very rare, you’ll mostly just encounter them if you do something that really makes you visible to beings on other planes.
I did so once, and felt it come to me. My mental state deteriorated greatly following it, and through divination confirmed that it was an astral parasite. I felt much better once it was removed. And it was removed quite easily, although quite traumatically. But rituals do not get rid of intrusive thoughts, I have many of them and in the past they’ve really plagued me, especially when they first surfaced. Rituals never get rid of them as they are not caused by spiritual reasons.


The rune Algiz can protect one from all sorts of danger. Sowilo can banish negative entities.


Thor can also protect one from spiritual threats.


Freya, the Children of Loki and Surtur too.


I get what you guys are saying, but what if none if those things end up working? What then?

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Then you’re fucked.


Hehehe I was just thinking the same thing.


If you have multiple truly powerful spirits, your higher self (from my understanding your most powerful self), and all these banishing and cleansing techniques and there’s no effect I question what you’re fighting. Either you royally pissed off a major diety or your fighting yourself at that point… I don’t think it’s really possible that it could be anything less. @anon25000386 do you know if anything else has that level of power?


Well based on what the OP is saying what if there was a terrible entity torturing you relentlessly and nothing seems to work…been there.

Entities of that power…well a real Goetic spirit that’s angry is nothing to fool with. I was a very new student of the occult. I had a really nasty experience with a Goetic spirit two decades ago. (To be fair it was because of me). We battled and I threw everything but the kitchen sink at it and it kept coming viscously.

I had to concede defeat…weep bitterly, move from my apartment in the middle of the night, quit my job, and beg Archangel Michael for deliverance. That was the only way out. I got my ass blazed!


You ask a powerful third party to intercede on your behalf. For example, I know of a magician who went to war with a Goetic king, and was perfectly willing to destroy herself in the process, until Lucifer showed up to broker a truce.

Robert Bruce says that no human can really defeat a demon, they can only hope to survive it.


OP have you considered petitioning a primordial? Some are potentially more ancient than whatever is tormenting you?

Nyx, Erebus, Hyperion, Brahman (who is really just your higher self), I was even told that Danu can help with this.

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Personally… I would do everything I can, magick-wise. I would call entities I have strong bonds with and ask them to intervene, and/or entities whose strength is in magick and protection.

And then I would make a concerted effort to stop dwelling on it.

I would take my attention away from it.

I’d be constantly vigilant of my thoughts, and if I did happen to think about it, I would catch the thought, refuse it, release it, and reverse it. “Oh this is just the curse in action – wait – no. I am not cursed. This thought is not mine, and has no power over me. I am blessed, and I allow only good things into my life.”

Your mind/brain is the machine filtering effects of the outer world into your inner world. Let’s say you feel as though you’re cursed, and then your car breaks down and your phone’s out of battery so you can’t contact your partner to tell them you can’t make it to your date that you had planned that evening, so your partner gets angry and ends your relationship. Your thoughts would probably be something like “Oh no, it’s the curse again! I am cursed! This horrible curse is ruining my life! How can I ever break out of this curse which has me completely under its control?”

Instead of doing the above, you’d be better off grounding yourself, meditating, cleansing, and then refocusing your attention on your intended/ideal outcome, instead of going home and lying in bed thinking obsessively about how you’re cursed and it’s a powerful curse and recounting everything that’s gone even slightly wrong lately and attributing it to the curse.

Your brain is a trained machine which selectively filters information and builds well-worn neural pathways based on your thinking. The more you focus on feeling cursed and being cursed, the more your brain comes to accept this as irrevocably true, and what’s more, it will selectively filter information which supports your way of thinking.

Our present mental conversations do not recede into the past as man believes; they advance into the future to confront us as wasted or invested words.

– Neville Goddard

So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

Isaiah 55:11

The “word that goes out from my mouth” is the same as the thought which goes out from your brain. Take your attention away from the feeling of being cursed and focus on being, doing, achieving more. And be persistent about it, no matter what unfortunate circumstances you encounter. No one goes through life completely unscathed; bad things happen, things that are out of our control. That doesn’t mean you need to accept the fact that you’re incurably cursed, or doomed to a life of poverty and lovelessness, or anything else. Beliefs, when persisted in, become self-sustaining. So don’t allow your monkey brain to build these well-trodden neural pathways. Go and pave your own way forward, in your brain, and you’ll reap it in the outer world.


I never said I was the one being tormented.

As the title implies, I’m simply posing a hypothetical question.

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This is where having a knowledge of the varying levels of power between entities helps, some of the strongest I know are Kali and Shiva and perhaps Ra

If calling them still doesn’t work, try the higher self

If that doesn’t work, Mahaavatar Babaji, Paramahansa Yogananda or Swami Sri Yukteswar

If that still doesn’t work, it’s down to the Supreme Divine, the Infinite, the Creative principle of all Existence, but one must have faith in it



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This is really hypothetical? I’ve never encountered this situation.