Hypnotherapy for unblocking magical abilities

For many years I have struggled with my meditative and magical progress and for the past two years its gotten worse. I still can’t slow down the metal chatter, self-doubt, and over analyzing I do to every thought and experience I have. I cant even visualize a ball of healing light without thinking “how big is it, I can’t feel it, I cant get it to move, nothing is happening” etc. I also have a very severe case of OCD that has haunted me for over 10 years. The LBRP no longer works for me because I can’t feel what I’m doing and I feel trapped in a state of perpetual stagnation and failure. At this point I think I may have pinpointed the root of the problem. Its a subconscious block leftover from when I was very young that is now fighting for survival. The only solution i can think of is a few hypnotherapy sessions to help bypass my conscious mind and extract that mental block. My only experience with hypnotherapy is a past life regression I did a couple years ago. It got me into a state of visions, feelings and visions I’ve never had before. Does anyone here have any advice or concerns regarding my idea?

I always thought of testing hypnotherapy on someone to make them levitate or see me as another person as a test that this reality is an illusion. I know for a fact that it would work, but it would be too draining to the person. I wonder though since we already know everything since it is already within the subconscious, that we can accomplish all the siddhis with just one hypnosis session. Hmm.

I like to use NLP in my verbal invocations or conjurations. Makes it work faster.

If you seek to use hypnotherapy to help with your situation, I would make a couple of suggestions. 1 Find an occultist who is a qualified, licensed and insured Hypnotherapist (Regular hypnotherapists will help with relaxation, stress management, limiting beliefs and maybe go into the ‘whacky world of Astral Travel, ESP’ etc) 2- See an NLP practitioner Life Coach and/or EmoTrance (Emotional Transformation) or EFT Practitioner. (Again the therapist or Life Coach should be ‘energy aware’ or an ‘energist’.

There are magical and intuitive Life Coaches out there (most have their own whitelight agenda). If you were in the UK, then I would offer my services but presently I am only working with face to face clients. But your situation really intrigues me as it relates to a number of ideas which I have been exploring recently.

I noticed today a FaceBook link from Andrieh Vitimus:


http://andriehvitimus.com/store/?~~mode=product&~~id=2862337#!/~/product/category=677739&id=2717137 (A personalised Hypnosis Session via Skype)



http://its-about-energy.com/ (Patricia is magically aware and an absolutely amazing woman who is a friend and professional colleague- mention that you know Merlin (aka Oli from EmoTrance))

NLP is a powerful arsenal of tools and techniques. The classic book Trance-formations (Richard Bandler), I read back in 1989 when I was at College.

Hypnotic Language, Storytelling, Hypnosis and Magick are all connected.


You have identified that you believe that you have a block. A beLIEf is a Lie. That is excellent because you have so many choices.

I would also suggest that alternatively or in addition to seeking outside help, then you could communicate to your subconscious belief. Either with a pendulum, talking board, Divination and or Evocation. NLP does some very basic evocation (they don’t call it that) but a stone by any other name is still a stone.


You have the answer already to your problem, you are here and are becoming aware that you can be omniscient and omnipotent. For you are a living god.

Got to be worth a shot - you’re creating your own limitations, and placing like the “idol” (aka false, materially-grounded and anti-sacred) part of yourself ahead of your natural thirst for something better, and that’s probably because you had to fight for your material survival at a very formative time.

This sounds like the Saturnian aspect of your nature/sphere of influence is way out of whack, and I know you probably don’t need more magick at this point but only IF it seems like you want to, then try the Stoicheia exercise in my post here (ignore all the rest) - it should help bring your planetary energies (internal, external, the concept behind it doesn’t matter right now) into greater balance - also, it’s SIMPLE - a tone, a letter, simple hand gestures, then when you can manage it, an image of a number, and maybe finally a planet. Start with just the tones and gestures, see how you do.

Don’t worry if your compass degrees are perfect, just make them as close as you can without stressing on it, because the compass relates to magnetic north which changes all the time anyway, but it’ll give you a beneficial daily thing that has no immediate need to do anything kids don’t already do watching Sesame Street (I say that because I know only too well how obsessive personalities work, and work against themselves - I am one myself, and a lot of what you say resonates for me!).

Good luck whatever you choose, you’re just in a bit of a negative loop but you can completely come out the other side stronger so long as you don’t give up on claiming what’s yours by right.

What’s NLP?


Thank you, for putting a link about NLP.

I suppose I ought to mention EFT Emotional Freedom Technique



I can asure you my agenda isn’t that white.

The easiest thing i can do for you from afar is to recomend a “shamanic journey”. Yes i mean the New Age thingy. Thats a Hypnosis (/NLP) technique called Regress to Cause.
So if you do the “Juorney” you will get some kind of symbol for your Problem and can change it till you fell it is resolved.
If in douth or it feels worse dont change your Problem symbol! Just Remember it.

If you have any difficulties PM me! (But it could take some time for me to respond. I will go on a pilgrimage on Monday.)

Glad to find another coach whose agenda is not that white :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for the advice. I spend a lot of time trying to identify the problem to myself and then how to explain it to someone else is even more difficult.

If you’re not sure about therapists, buy a cheap MP3 recorder, write a script to talk yourself through whatever you feel your problems are, and then listen to that on headphones - you could make a simple countdown, say, or find any relaxation exercise off the net that appeals to you, to begin the script with.

I’m a big proponent of sorting out one’s own problems and that’s partly because whatever we have going on, we’re the #1 expert and other people sometimes just don’t - CAN’T - “get it.”

To write the script, just list your problems and then work out what the desired opposite is, and make believable statements like “I am now ready to stop being/doing/having X, and begin being/doing/having Y instead.” Or whatever other format feels believable and authentic.

You could also look into Afformations, there’s a post about them somewhere on this forum, and then record questions in that syle to get your mind moving along different tracks.

I have been doing some shadow work recently, and I think I have some solid ideas for why I have some of the problems I have. If I engaged a hypnotherapist would they be able to help me with this more quickly and throroughly.

In a guided hypnosis (like over YouTube) you only get to go where the guide takes you, wouldn’t a live hypnotherapist get to ask more probing questions, to follow the problem to its core. To keep questioning my subconcious until there is no place for any little seed of the problem to hide, while it waits for an opportunity to come back.

If it would be useful, how would you ask them if they are magickians or energy aware practicioners?
I quit smoking over 10 years ago on my own, this problem is much worse than an addiction. This thing is part of me, I need to either make peace with it or kill it (if that is possible).

How much does a hypnotherapist cost per session? approximately?
I assume it will take at least a couple of sessions with me doing work on my own.

I have something called Complex PTSD, so I learned my problems early and have been repeating them over and over for until now, 50 years later.

I don’t know, this is a really old topic so maybe make a new thread and ask for advice on hynotherapy?

Be careful with YouTube, stick to the really big names, ideally companies who have been in business for years, Monroe Institute’s product is pretty good, especially if you get the actual CDs.


Try Hyptalk. Its affordable and you can purchase and download the topics you may want to work on. Downloading them and doing it when you need to.
Ex: Fear and Anxiety, PTSD, and your frequency.
I speak from PTSD experience.

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