Hypnosis Suggestions

Another thing I noticed is a couple of suggestions on hypnosis; what would y’all recommend?

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The only difference between hypnosis and the TGS is that hypnosis usually doesn’t go as deep as Theta; it mainly deals with the Alpha state and is concerned with making internal changes, as opposed to the external actions of evocation. Everything I recommended in your other thread is hypnosis.

I recommend the book How to Master Self hypnosis in A Weekend, by Rick Smith.

Self-Hypnosis normally deals with the Alpha State. If you go to see an actual professional they can put you down so deep that you cannot resist any commands.

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Yes, I was referring to self hypnosis, rather than that performed by another. I assumed the OP was referring to hypnosis techniques to aid in evocation.

As one goes into Theta, sufficient consciousness is not present enough to give effective suggestions.

Giving oneself suggestions requires a degree of consciousness. Alpha for most is a pretty good place for that.


It is not true that a “professional” can “put you down so deep that you cannot resist commands”. This is a myth. I am one such professional. Depth does not determine receptivity.