Hypnosis & Mushrooms


I wonder if any of you guys knows what will happen if i do Self hypnosis while under the influence of psychoactive & psychedelic mushrooms ? A light dose, medium and a strong dose.

Also i want to know if i take the mushrooms can i than skip the trace of hipnosis?
Because with mushrooms somebody can be receptive for suggestions

I would imagine because my consciousnesses is in a not ordinary state. and than by that i,m more receptive for suggestions. because i heard that when somebody have taken mushrooms he is more receptive for suggestion not hypnosis related though.
I my self had such experience with ayahuasca. it contains alkaloids that are 98%
the same as the alkaloids from mushrooms plus ayahuasca contains harmala alkaloids, because ayahuasca is a brew of 2 or more plants, Banisteriopsis (Harmeline.Harmine,Tetrahydroharmine) and Chacruna (DMT)

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This is an occult website not a psychonaut so many won’t know the entheogenic terms. Meditation on all trips go hand in hand because your still and intense, it produces a great session… two months ago I meditated on shrooms and I was being carried within the second I closed my eyes, like I felt like my whole body was being carried. Fun times!

The best experience for it is to book a sensory deprivation tank session… it’s just more self(less) and intense.



I work with fly agaric (amanita muscaria) and other entheogenic herbs. I find they really deepen my spiritual practice as that is the nature of entheogenic plants as opposed to using them as party drugs.


so true, can you elaborate on the other herbs.

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There’s so many of them, but I predominantly use Belladonna, datura, Henbane, mandrake root, brugmansia, hemlock, fly agaric mushrooms, salvia divinorum…


how do you consume salvia duvinorum by quidding(pruim) tea tincture or smoking?
because i have used it a few times but did not get a effect from quidding or tea. as for the other plants i will investigate what there properties are.

When you take datura are you then 3 days in a trip? Because i heard that is possible as well as the many Fatal accidents that occurred when uninformed people take datura.

Btw do you know which herbs can bring astral Senses i dont mean that the psychic senses are only Opened while under the influence.

I’m an herbalist and poison pather… I smoke salvia extract. I use datura topically. It can be safely ingested if prepared properly by someone who knows what they are doing, I’ve had tinctures, flower essences, smoking blends, and even artisan chocolates.

Since it’s 2am and I need to get on with my astral travel myself. I do a lot of videos on this topic on my YouTube channel (sorry for the shameless self promotion lol) https://www.youtube.com/c/JenniferVatza


As a hypnotist I will tell you that there will happen nothing special. Self-hypnotic trance will be brushed off by psychotic experience from the substance. Psychodelic therapy used elements of suggestion therapy and setting with high doses of LSD but it IMHO impossible to direct alone, you will need some help.

Using any kind of drugs is loosing your self-control over the experience in comparison to hypnosis and self-hypnosis.


U have more control with hypnosis then with substance trance. hypnosis helps you gain control not lose control like using substance. drugs is never recommend with hypnosis. trance states and suggestibility are two different concepts. For suggestibility to increase , one have to shut down analysis critical thinking mind. drugs do that but isn’t the best route.

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Im also heavily involved in Veneficium. Balance and understanding of this topic is important.

I do not have experience with ayahuasca, but my understanding from my voracious study is that its constituents vary, because it is a “brew,” and different tribes have different constituents. Even the poisonous Brugmansia can be incorporated (rarely).

For me, i do not simply engage with a substance one way or another and expect to just set off.

I create a ritualized context, as well as intentions when using a material which causes an altered state. I have not needed an external human “guide.” I guide myself and open myself to the guides through ritual, prayers to deities, and honoring the “spirit of the substance.” i have also reshaped my worldview to view them as sacred, distinct beings with magical powers.

For amanita muscaria, i have a special song between myself and the mushroom i sing, i perform actions to honor it as ive learned, and go forth about accomplishing what i need. And I only occasionally go full bore with Amanita Muscaria. My daily is microdose, and among my daily “magical substance use”, thats the only one that could be considered psychoactive, but microdosing is not supposed to be taking a psychoactive dose, and it really helps create a beautiful relationship and acts as a lovely aid in a variety of ways, medicinal and magical. I have not microdosed with psylocibes (only psychoactive dosing), but supposedly it has its own unique virtues from Amanita Muscaria that it can teach and strengthen also.

I utilize similar methods when working with baneful plants such as mandrake, datura and henbane - and then even the not baneful chemical LSD. Just because it is synthetic, does not mean it cannot be contextualized and act as an aid, but i dont consider its “spirit” the same way as natural entheogens. It hasnt revealed to me as a unique entity yet.

Whats important with these things with magical work or achieving “spiritual, altered states,” is creating a context for them to act in, and i like to create a timeframe as well, normally based on the amount of time the contents are supposed to act. This can be candles (i have not started any fires - i always light them on my shrines ensuring absolute space between the flames and anything flammable well before effect sets in and again, focus my intention that said candle is a timer for my experiences but i stay the fuck away from messing with fire always while in the throes) - but non flammable could be something like an hourglass or even a phone timer!

I do also think reliance on these things can short oneself. they are aids - and in my practice, i experience and consider the uniqueness of their spirit. They should not be discounted entirely or poo poo’d for the lack of control, though it is true you dont have the same control of a “sober mind”, you have different control, and in the swirling chaos of their power, you can seek to know them and flow with them. Depending on what is taken, it can be the strength of a riptide - so swim with the current, but create a context and intention to set where the current is heading while preparing to embark, whether thats popping caps, taking a tincture, smearing ointments, etc. Call to your guides. Call to the spirit of the aid. Set the stage and ambience, a clean, safe space, symbols of where you want to go, magical tools (non-flammable), statues of gods/goddesses if you work with or worship, beautiful music/representative of the journey you think you want to take, delicious scents, (safe) mood lighting.
Working with substance magically shouldnt be about the chemicals themselves - if their magic is only the chemicals… well then just study the chemistry. Thats why some people only work with them as “flower essences,” because theyre bigger than their chemicals.
I have ritualized my processes from the moment of harvest, the phases of the moon, to the implements used, to the words i say. These majestic and glorious entities were utilized well before we understood chemical constituents, and I have been led by my experiences to believe there is more there than just chemistry. Are they sacred because we as humans believe they are? Or are they sacred unto themselves? I asked those questions when i started gardening sacred plants only two years ago, and the answers i received… like i said, i reshaped my worldview!

Do your own thorough research. Be cautious. Pace yourself. Vet sellers as much as possible if purchasing. Grow or expose yourself to the living thing if possible, and even leave offerings to it if you can. If wildharvesting be absolutely cautious and ensure you are able to correctly identify a plant or fungus, because misidentification can have lethal consequences. As can working with baneful plants. Construct the context and provide a loose framework for the experience beforehand.

With Veneficium or working with these aids, I think it is most important that you be a seeker - that your lust for knowledge results in heavy study as well as cautious, practical, well-informed application until you find your equilibrium - if you find a teacher (avoid the big EGOs) thats great, ask so many questions: smart questions, foolish questions, better to ask something stupid than be dead. :ok_hand::wink:

I consider myself ever a student of these beauties (plants specifically but am currently studying fungi also, hence my preparations of amanita muscaria - and am ambitious to venture into medicinal fungal cultivation), they my teachers and companions. I mother and honor their physical forms, and they have not let me down yet. They are my allies, and have manifested true and beautiful things in their reality and mine.

TL;DR, I know. Find the wisdom for yourself. Or not. :woman_shrugging::ok_hand: