Hyperbolic Time Chamber

So I always thought of this concept after watching Dragon Ball Z. Are there any spells that grant the user unlimited time or at least very slowed down time to practice/learn? I think this would be very useful for studying, reading, and stuff. I’ve heard astral projection can sometimes be similar to this or DMT trips where someone goes and dies and comes back but isn’t there a way to stay in a higher or pocket dimensions with the intent to come back on your own time?


When I find out I’ll let you know.

But in terms of astral projection, it’s really not hard. You’re quite literally using your imagination.

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Lucid dreaming is a good choice as time in the dreamworld is not bound by time outside of it. There are also ways to manipulate time to speed it up or slow it down and starting with delving into aspects of the element of akasha or working with Saturn is a good point to begin with.


There are spirits that can speed up and slow down time for you, but there is a rebound effect that you have to take into account. When you speed time up, for example, then it will later have to be balanced with a slowing down of time.

The Fortamecus egregore was created to do this, and the demon Ahk’laht’esh from the Book of Azazel can do so as well, and teach you magick to affect the past.

Hmm that’s a conflict of interest…do you know if I could make the counter time when I sleep. I haven’t mastered lucid dreaming or astral projection so time speeding up for me when I’m asleep isn’t a problem

The problem with that is you will get less sleep. So keep that in mind. What I generally do is I skip the parts of the day I don’t like and use the rebound to slow the time I do like. So if you have a job you hate or are just meh about you can speed that along and then slow the rest of the day.

My understanding is yes, you can determine when the rebound happens, but if you don’t decide on a specific moment, then the universe will and it may not be to your liking. For example, slowing time down when you are listening to a boring lecture so it seems to go on forever.

Ugh why can’t I just get everything I want without any of the consequences lol

Because it’s not how this works lol

Everything has it’s price in which one must pay for it at some point.

It is possible to cast the rebound onto someone else or transmute it but it is far easier to use the rebound selectively to your advantage and save yourself some effort. There are also ways to achieve the distortion without rebound but that deals more with evoking a different rate of time and comes with its own set of difficulties. So instead of altering time you will be putting yourself into a different flow of time from some other level of existence. You most often have this occurring naturally during evocations where time either seems to stop or go super fast with no rebound at the end because the entity is bringing a pocket of its own time with it.


This is all very interesting. The fact from my own attempts and recordings is that I at least needed something to keep me focused and also I needed to be undistracted. Also, I needed to do a lot of rites over the course of a month with fotamecus to get a bit of juice to cause minor shifts in reality in terms of time. The only thing that ever worked for me 100% until this day is a spell that I did as a kid that resulted affecting my very molecular structure according to medical docs.