Hymn To The Night Owls

The Night Grows Quiet
As people start to Awaken from Slumber
In droves, the Creative Ones wake up
Eyes beaming with Vitality and Energy

The Spirits of Creativity
Awaken in their vessels
Who have slept all day in preparation
For the Night

The offerings of Red Bull
And Soda, Candy, food
And loud music
In the apartment complexes

The Night comes alive
Artists, Musicians, Occultists
And other vessels of the God’s
Come Alive

Ragnarok has descended upon
Creative Stagnancy, blockage and boredom
Leaving destruction in it’s wake
Fenrir has been unchained in the hearts of the Creatives, unapologetic for his Passion

As day Arises
The Creatives are laid to rest
And recede back into their coffin
Awaiting the Night to work it’s Sorcery once again


BRAVO–your poem is magnificent!