Hymn to the king and gatekeeper of abyss and courage the ruler Bael

i call unto the king the gatekeeper of outer darkness he who is known as bael
he who is the ruler of the infernal armies
the gatekeeper of outer darkness
the abyss into being i call thee bael
eeschma’eeschama bael
bael the ruler
bael the infernal one
bael the abyssmal one
i call unto bael the king the gatekeeper of outer darkness
the king among nine of the infernal emperor who is lucifer
eeschma kal eeschma bael kaz’antza kalu bael’ee’us
i open bael’s gate unto me
eeschma kar’za’tsa
swallow me whole bael
make me one with you
i call into the void and abyss of bael
he who is one of the 9 pillars of darkness
the blue
he who represents protection and rulership and leadership and courage
he who makes one ruler and wise
kar’zan’tza kal’mantu kal’esh baelus
he who makes one more than god
he who teaches strengh
he who moves storms and control the seas he who causes chaos and havoc
he who wears the crown of eternity and chaos
he who is aslo known as hadad,hadu
the jupiter
the bull
the god of rain and hurricanes
here in my temple of e’kara’ekara’ekara
i call thee hadad bael
manifest before rise
abyssmal and infernal one bael
kal’esh’kalza’mu intzera sabu kalu kal esh bael
hail bael


Hail Bael!


Hael Bael!