Hurricane Michael


Florida and georgia about to get hit again by another hurricane .


I love how it’s named after an angel (sarcasm)

Did you want me to protect you again?


Ironic, isn’t it?


It will be category 4 by the time it makes land fall


Es no bueno.


Looks like I’m watched over tho

Look what’s in my room .



I just realized I spelt hurricane wrong g I told him huurichain


That figures :joy:

Guess he’s already on top of it


Omg already ? I hate hurricane season. Is it gonna hit SC also? Sorry I don’t have tv so I don’t watch the news. I could google it. But to ever lives where it does hit please stay safe


I don’t think so it’s gonna hit Panama city and go up through ga

But its gonna be category 4 making landfall and that’s odd it’s stronger making land fall



Stay save @arianna


Thank you :rose:


Sending positive thoughts your way my dear, I hope you’ll be safe! Tell us if you need anything.


Yes please stay safe. Also sending positive vibes your way :pizza::pizza: and also some pizza


R.I.P. my hometown once again :joy::joy::ok_hand:
Boy do I remember those hurricane days


Best wishes to all affected.


Well it’s show time


Stay safe.


Please keep us informed if you can and when you have time!