Hunting for the Trinity of Triangles mat by S. Ben Qayin?

Hey everyone. I understand that S. Ben Qayin may no longer be working with BALG. I have recently become very obsessed with Lovecraftian magick and the entities involved. It was a serious battle but I was able to acquire the Black Book of Azathoth recently. I want the Trinity of Triangles mat that is unfortunately no longer being sold by BALG. I cannot find it anywhere… Its like they have all fallen off the face of the earth. I am reaching out to you guys in hopes that someone can point me in the direction I can go.


You might just have to get a bottle of paint and a few yards of fabric.

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Not the direction I was shooting for but may end up being my only option. I dont know if it would violate any copy rights out there otherwise I could send the symbol to a fabric/ tapestry designer to have it custom made.

Hypothetically, custom does not violate copyright laws, unless it is intended for further commercial use, such as sales of the item or specific activities featuring said copyrighted item. This has not been legal advice, I was speaking hypothetically. Do what you will with the theory.

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You could try shooting S. Ben Qayin an email asking about it. I believe his contact information would be on his site. If the mat was solely a BALG product, you could try contacting Timothy. It could help you get the product without risking legal trouble. Or go with the paint and fabric idea.


I got a blanket at Walmart printed with a summoning circle. Just had to photoshop a big high res image and go in when they weren’t busy and the photo center was open.