Hungry Ghosts? Gaki? Does anyone on here work with them?

Something strange is going on, and it’s happened twice now. Yesterday I was merely reading about Gaki (hungry ghosts) and all of a sudden I became extremely thirsty. I got up from reading and went to get water but even after downing several glasses and feeling refreshed in the moment, when I went back to what I was doing I felt super dehydrated again.

I was reading about the Gaki again when I began to feel very hungry even though I had had a large dinner and dessert.

I’m still hungry as I’m writing this and I do not believe this is just a coincidence.

Update: As I was writing this and about to post this, Belphegor (a demon who I have a close relationship with) chimed in “The Gaki are here. They are about you. You feel what they feel. You have a choice here, you can either follow this feeling and see the power they have to show you, and what they have to tell you, or you can try to shut them out. Your choice. I will tell you know that these Gaki about you, while powerful, are not out to “get you” or anything like that. I sense however, they are hungry and thirsty and you are feeling what they feel due to proximity. Try speaking to them, maybe meditate upon this feeling.”

Well, that’s what Belphegor had to say.

Does anyone on the forum associate or work with Gaki/hungry ghosts? If so I could use some advice…

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