Humorous Story

So I have a humorous story that is not strictly magick related, but I think some of you will find it funny. As I have mentioned in a previous post, my two main areas of interest right now are: 1) Survivalism (living off the land, hunting, primitive skills, primitive shelter building, etc). 2) Magick.

Either one of those alone would be enough for most people to brand a person as a nut. Both together? Well, let’s just say I am careful what topics I bring up with girls that I am trying to get to know.

So a quick story about a date I went on a couple months ago: This girl and I were getting along real well on our first date. When I’m not depressed, you’d be hard pressed to find someone funnier and more quick witted. I thought that we had established enough report with her to talk about my hobbies of Magick and Survivalism. She seemed somewhat interested in the first (although, of course, she voiced concerns over its safety). So I said to myself, “That’s cool, I may have found someone wyho isn’t totally weirded out by me.” So then I posed a question that I voiced a thousand times to my survivalist friends: “So let’s say you were on a flight over the Andes Mountains. You have gotten to know your seat mate quite well. He has told you about his family, etc. Well the plane goes down and he dies. After a couple days in the cold with no food, you are hungry. Would you eat him?” The look of shock I saw, looking back now, was priceless. She said, “Uh…uh…eat him?” Still not “getting it”, I said, “Yah. Like emergency cannibalism.” To me it was a very legitimate question. And it was. FOR A DIFFERENT AUDIENCE. Well needless to say, the date quickly ended with her no longer wanting to talk.

So I guess I am telling this story as a humorous lesson that we should realize that we on here are viewed as nut jobs to most people. We don’t need to tell people everything that we do. It’s better that way. Just act like you are a regular guy. You will have more friends. Ha.

Yeah, “emergency cannibalism” doesn’t seem to go down too well on first dates - as someone who’s read “Alive: The True Story of the Andes Survivors” at least half a dozen times, I know this for real. :o)

Hah, yah. And I think that most women like to have a feeling of security; and putting them in a hypothetical scenario where their only source of food is another human does not accomplish that goal :-).