Humble newbie getting started

Hello Magicians, I have recently developed a love and passion for learning magic, I have read a lot so far, but have not yet done a proper evocation, i guess i need to take action but what i really want to know is, is this stuff really real? I know sounds a bit silly posting this in here, but has anybody here actually summoned a spirit and have you had much success how can you tell if it was real?

Why don’t you just read through all the posts? They go back years. You’ll see for yourself. It is all very real…

Where do i start lol like which section?

The Mastering Evocation section I would think :wink:

Yes it is VERY real, but if you come into this with the idea that it may not be real, you’ll never accomplish any results as you’ll constantly be doubting your magick which will altar the results and they will not work. You have to change that mindset of possible non-belief before you get started on anything. You have to believe it to see it, so work on training your mind to recognize that this stuff is real, even if you don’t believe deep down, lie to yourself and make your mind think you do, then eventually you will train yourself to actually start believing, and thus you can achieve results.

Start by watching some shows that talk about weird and unexplained things like paranormal, ufo, creature sightings, that kind of stuff, with the right evidence and right amount of unexplainable footage, will get you thinking “what the hell was that”? And you’ll start seeking answers. That way, when it comes down to unexplained things happening with magickal practice, you’ll be more inclined to say “what the hell was that”? and feel a need to delve deeper into this to figure it out for yourself, instead of thinking did I really just see that you’ll think yes I really just saw that, now to figure out what it was and what caused it. Just some tips to get you started.

I’ve summoned spirits - quite a few. However the results are based on your expectations and beliefs of spirits and evocations.

Don’t begin magick with the idea of trying to figure out what’s real or not. The imagination is just as real (or unreal) as what you see with your eyes and the brain cannot differentiate between what is real or imagined.

also please don’t say humble