Humble introduction from a student of Rosicrucianism and the occult

Worldly greetings to all forum members!

My preferred name is, for the time being, ‘MSM’ (or ‘D’), and I’m a 31 years old male occult student with German/Italian roots from Brazil.

I’ve been a student of Rosicrucianism (mainly in the Anthroposophical sense, but not exclusively) for the past ~10 years and have also engaged in parallel studies of the works from Sri Aurobindo, Fred Gettings (The Zelator, etc.), Blavatsky, C. G. Harrison, Donald Tyson, Hsi Lai, Crowley, etc.

My work with Magick per se is just beginning and I’ll gladly receive any advice or other comments from anybody who is interested in helping me out. My main interest right now is in Sex Magick/Alchemy and communion with Succubi – everything else is secondary.

I’m creating a blog to serve as my magical memoir (won’t post the link here not to break any rules or something, and it isn’t even the point), but it’s still in the early beginnings and it will take some time to describe my past experiences with the occult and Anthroposophy in great detail.

As far as these forums go, I’m mainly aware of posts from @succupedia and @Lady_Eva regarding sexual communion with spirits and have the utmost respect for such members and their great work (but this is my very first contact with anybody here, since up to now I had only lurked in the forums).

Thank you a lot for your attention and for being part of this incredible community. I really look forward to hearing and learning from many of you.

Kind regards,



Welcome to the forum.


Thank you very much!

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