Humans and Magic

How many of you agree on this :

I’ve been having this " images " in my mind and it really makes some sense to me, but i would like to see some opinions on it. First i start with the bible, or to say so, all the religious " code " books, so that includes not only the bible, because i do not think it is only the bible that is an invention towards the goal i want to put on subject. There were always " groups " of persons that knew more then others, might be a sentence that puts the cards on the table. Those books in my opinion, most of them were " invented " so that we humans, would believe " in something else ".
My belief and what i get from these " images " in my head is that all humans have the power within them to be " directly " connected with the " universe ". Yes, we look at the sky and we always think, what is out there, there is no human that hasn’t really made that question to himself. That by itself is sign that, there might indeed be something out there, why on earth would everyone just look up at night and get to question themselves the most akward questions ever ? We are connected with it, because in there lies all our answers, even if we really don’t know that.
When i say some humans always knew more then the others, its because they know exactly that, they know what is out there.
They know how to connect themselves with it, that is why since it was discovered, there was the need to cover it and later on even to make it become a simple lie. Books were used, religions, groups of power always made humans become " blind ". To lose the words that were left for us to learn, we were left with all wisdom we asked for, because in some books it is really well described, the first humans asked for wisdom and knowledge instead of living more time ( or so it is written ), then they were left with exactly that. The ability to connect itself to the " universe " was gaining the beginning of the climb towards the end of the tree of knowledge. But it wouldn’t be handled just like that, so information was left, inside the human itself and on earth as well.
The one left one earth was always protected and there again, only some humans know. Altough much more are gaining access to it through the one that is already inside of them. Because the bit that stood inside of humans was the most important one, with that bit alone humans could and can get all the knowledge they want, it is just a bit harder ( without exterior help, like from example, from spirits ) to get that knowledge then if one is able to acess the information left on earth.
Mostly written, but most surely also handed out by communication in the primordial times of humankind. In my opinion, with the climbing of that " tree of knowledge " one can achieve things that most humans can’t even think of and once one reaches the top, it is … undescrible.
That it is just there in front of all to see an no one sees it its what troubles me the most, because we all are meant to achieve that, to climb all that tree, only that way we are able to really live up to what we were made, only that way the world would become a livable place for every single human. But no, this information will never be shared and a really great percentage of the world population has this knowledged either completely sleeping inside of them or they don’t even have traces of it anymore. On the other hand, i am quite sure that there are " families " on which this ability is always quite notable, since they were the ones always carrying the " words " left to us on the exterior world. I have seen images of all this happening and i wonder, how much of this could be true, i know that it deeply makes sense but what i see is so…
Lucid, so Perfect.

I have more " divinations " as you call them, but they are related to other topics…like for example " spirits " and i really don’t want to include them because that was my main point, humans and magic, spirits are not humans and those who are or " were "…are different.
Spirits are those who died in here, before humans were created ( and maybe some after as well ), when i say those, i say those who belong to other places in the universe. I say who died, because it would match the description, Fallen Angels.

And then there’s that whole thing that humankind has this " energy " making us all in one and that " one " is also climbing the tree of knowledge.
Every step towards the tip of the tree is climbed through the gain of some specific knowledge, those who are in possession of that knowledge, are those that become in power until the reach of the next step. What i guess is that it has been more or less always the same ones climbing those steps, because " spirits " do help towards it. Those who are in better touch with what is within them and therefore able to communicate better with " spirits " are those who are more able to gain that knowledge.

Every religion has the truth one seeks if they know where to look. The higher orders in any religious system practice some kind of magick/spirituality. Much of it was hidden from the masses for control and power, that much is plainly and painfully obvious.

The other reason I think much of it was kept secret was because most people aren’t ready for that kind of responsibility. They’re more than happy to relinquish control and be liberated by the subservience of religious dogma and structured governing. Even today with the amount of occult information available many who believe in its power won’t go near it. Be it for fear of offending a higher power, making contact with that they can’t control or opening a literal Pandora’s box they would rather stay in their safe and structured world. Even the armchair magician/occultist fall in this category for all their theoretical musings amount to nothing until put to the test.

Study up on the mystery schools of old and the symbolism used in those ancient texts and you’ll begin to read an entirely different book than those who read it beside you. You’ll begin to see the magick in the words and the deeper meanings that make those who are happy sheep in the flock eyes glaze over when they read those same passages. If you feel that calling and longing for something more meaningful you’ll find it, it may take a while but I believe we have a way of bringing what we need to us.