Human spirits

What are some ways to banish or harm a person who attacks you through astral projection or dreams?

I’m curious as I have yet to fight off a human spirit


The best way to do this is to be prepared before it can happen. Set up some kind of spell to counter any attack that may come before it comes.

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Thank you. I believe a human spirit has been visiting my exes home. I even think she has sex with him while he is sleeping because I can feel the movement of the blanket and his body but I don’t believe it is a succubus. It tends to pick at me by moving my blanket amd trying to scare me. Not sure if this is possible. If it is a succubus then I don’t mind but it seems to have a different “feel”. I also can sense the mischief when she tries to scare me


Interesting were you trying to get your ex back? And do you know if your ex is aware of whats happening?

I am pregnant and still have an attachment so I spend time and yes, get laid

As far as getting him back I am not sure yet but there is a girl he has been talking to and she seemed obsessive of her last boyfriend so yes, if she is into magic, I can see her doing some AP to fk him while he sleeps next to me. I also can just be paranoid but looking at all options

thats tricky, and obviously to each their own magicks, personally for astral attacks i use a series of dark crystals which ive enchanted to steal any negative energy directed upon me and convert it to positive light energy. For this i worked with both the sun god Ra, and King Paimon. But your case is a third party case, no harm is being directed at you… Ive thought about this for a bit now and one thing comes to mind, alligators are extremely territorial. In voodoo culture they represent both good luck and protection, if you are able to get your hands on an alligator skull, or even a tooth, you could leave it by his bedside or make him an alligator tooth necklace. Be sure to enchant to first as a protective spirit to serve your cause. Obviously not everyone has access to stuff like though, and im sorry if that isnt of any help😥

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you can perform a simple banishing ritual,or call a demon for help.
aslo koetting did this on a similar occasion.

An effective and interesting way would be to make a talisman with the sigil of an entity which you’d prefer to get help from in your situation and then charge that talisman and assign the task of protection to this talisman.