Human soul

Can a human soul be erased from existence If so what happens to the person after they die

Yes. They won’t exist after death

I dont think a soul can be erased, transmuted maybe but i dont think it can be completely erased.


The Law of the Conservation of Energy states that energy can never be destroyed, only transformed, so, no, a soul cannot be “erased.” It would just rejoin the Source from which it first sprang forth.


No energy can, but it can be weakened enough so it won’t be a human soul anymore

I agree with @Raven_6.


@anon84896414 It would return to source as @DarkestKnight said.

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Not always. A spirit could consume the energy of your soul. So many things can happen to it. Not just returning to source.

I dont believe a spirit could consume your soul.

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And you know this…how? :thinking:

That sounds like religious nonsense to me.

it is energy, so it can be consumed.

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Um…no. Being energy does not mean it can be consumed. That is too much of a stretch. It can be contained though.


Even if the soul is really consumed by an entity, the energy would not be gone, but transformed. As @DarkestKnight said correctly, energy cannot be destroyed.


when did I say it could be destroyed?

Even if consumed by an entity (which I highly doubt will happen) it would still exist.

Ok. I just thought because source is a pool of energy. It can go and become source energy, so why wouldn’t it be able to merge with conscious energy or be absorbed into it?

Yes the human soul won’t exist. it would just be energy.

What do you think the human soul is now, if not energy?


It wouldn’t be conscious energy. Just energy.

Meaning it won’t be part of a human. That is what I mean by it won’t be a human soul.