Human sacrifices boost magick?

Okay, look, I personally don’t believe this.
A friend of mine does and he seems pretty serious about it. When I first asked him why he thinks so, he said that the more blood you offer to a spirit the better.
What the fuck. What kind of joke is this?
(He hasn’t sacrificed anyone in case you’re wondering.)
What do you guys think about it?


Why does this sound like your friend is one of those “elite satanists”? This reminds me of the “Satanists of Pallene” who murdered and sacrificed two women in the name of Satan.
Well, time to find new friends? :no_mouth:

I think it’s wrong. It doesn’t matter if it helps your magick, it’s just wrong.
And to be completely honest, I don’t think it does, anyway. What matters is your will and your effort.
I’d stay away from the guy just in case lol :sweat_smile:


Honestly I think you could get better results with other methods, so not only is it unethical, but it isn’t even optimal either.


Exactly, what I think.

Not if you’re an amoral :sweat_smile: kay just kidding


Well, people think it does, so who’s to say? :man_shrugging:

It could be the belief that gives the boost, or it could be the blood and the screams of the victims.

However, it has been a part of religious practice for a very, very long time (Aztecs, Mayans, some Native tribes, all practiced it. It didn’t save any of them from genocide though).

Supposedly, Traditional Satanism, such as that of the Order of Nine Angles, still practices it today, and many drug cartels do it in the name of Santa Muete for protection from law enforcement (sacrificing foreigners is sometimes seen as bringing extra power).


Oh wow. I didn’t know that… Thanks for the info :slightly_smiling_face:


One of the occult theories as to why the Aztecs weren’t able to magically repel the invading Spanish with their blood sacrifices, is the Law of Diminishing Returns, which means, basically, that although the priests were knee deep in corpses, the deaths no longer had the same oomph as before.

Like the human body’s adaptation to a drug, after a certain point, more and more is needed to get the same high than previously.


Wow that actually makes sense… :thinking:


Oh nice thinking there… :sweat_smile:




Human sacrifice does not need to kill the sacrifice it is a symbolic gesture that gives the power not the blood. Not to say that blood doesn’t have power. In EA’s lake of fire ritual there was a human sacrifice and no one was killed. The person who is being sacrificed gives themselves completely to the spirits. A full posession is what human sacrifice means. They are sacrificing their free will to the spirit.


Is that what all these mass killings and “lone wolf” attacks are? So that the perpetrators can feed off the energy given by the bloodshed and fear that is generated?

[Some fucking, crazy, weirdo, asshole, jerk-off getting high on fear and suffering, cause his he can’t get any pussy or whatever.]

That’s wrong!


Indeed. I believe so.

Human Sacrifice is a very powerful ritual practice. It has been used practically since the beginning of human history.

Today, it is still (Terrifyingly enough) practiced a great deal, although obviously in secret.

It is however, a thing practiced today for ill intent. For selfish and vain purposes, and with spirits that seem to deal in very evil things… things that even everyone around here that loves to say there is no “evil” would be hard pressed not to consider evil.

In ancient times, it was often practiced as a way for positive things for the community. What could be higher than human life and blood to sacrifice. But this does not mean that the Gods wanted this.

In the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) system, it is said that the God Osiris came to earth and civilized mankind, and when he did, he did away with human sacrifice, letting them know that this was not the will of the Gods.

Interestingly enough, the religion that teaches about the evils of pagans and their “demonic” practices the most, lying about how all of us engage in human sacrifice etc etc … is TOTALLY BASED on the belief in a human sacrifice.


So yes, human sacrifice is powerful…but it is not the will of the Gods. IMO


Yeah, ironic is it? Like, @BabyDragon pointed out, Christianity is a religion based on the sacrifice of a man named Yeshua (Jesus).


Hiya OP! Like @DarkestKnight said, the overuse of human sacrifices as a way to propagate the Aztec civilization became less effective over time as nature and their enemies adapted to this magic. The reason for this is not because the magic of the sacrifices wasn’t strong, but because it had remained in a predictable variance from the beginning to the end; nothing about the sacrifices ever really changed, on that scale of time, so the forces of time that had been beaten back by the sacrifices eventually found countermeasures. All sacrifices are is the accumulated energy total of the life at the time of death, there’s other and better ways to produce equivalent or greater value. As for blood, while I’ve never heard it specifically, there is a kind of logic where more blood = more power for the spirit from the shedder. Magic can be pretty scary! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the insight :upside_down_face:


While I believe it actually would generate a lot of power if done “right”, on the practical side its not worth the legal risks involved, and on the moral side, killing someone for the sake of something you could generate (if more slowly) without the bloodshed is bad, M’kay.
Also there’s a book by Mark Smith that discusses human sacrifice (in theoretical basis, with a warning not to practice it in these days) called Witchblood Grail.


I’ve read somewhere that is possible to make a human sacrifice with a picture during a rite as an offering.

I think you’re looking at things from a pretty narrow minded perspective. You’re guilty of the ignorance you accuse others of in the sense that you’re judging them based on their traditions and practices simply because of your subjective moral objection to them.

Let’s put this into perspective:

  1. Is animal sacrifice “wrong” to me?

No. It was always practiced, just because it was always practiced doesn’t necessarily mean it was “right”, but I see it as natural. There is no absolute morality.

  1. Are humans animals?


  1. Does each kind of animal play a role in their echo system?

Yes, indeed. However, overpopulation destroys echo systems, look at what happened in certain states in the US when wolves went extinct, the deer destroyed the echo system, because there was no balance.

  1. If I revere nature, wouldn’t I seek to restore balance to the echo system? If so, which animal is overpopulated and destroying the echo system?

Oh yes, the worst culprits would be humans wouldn’t it? Thus they would need to be culled to a certain extent to restore balance no?

To extend upon these points, I think he might be a poser, but if he wasn’t a poser, I would most certainly consider him an individual of noble character. It’s easy to slaughter domesticated animals, and ease destroys the point of sacrifice in my opinion. It would be much more difficult to sacrifice a human animal, therefore one would make for greater sacrifice.

Having said that, I do understand how this might be much harder in more developed countries. But if he can get away with it, I would say he is even more noble.