Human sacrifice

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This is a (mostly) black magician forum murder is fine as long as no targets get named


If you think it’s fine then feel free to move it back, I moved it here for safety reasons until Lady_Eva comes and decides if it should be here or not. The older thread about human sacrifices was talking about the ritual knife as a weapon, this one tho speaks clearly about murder.

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Human sacrifice is veiled in conflict of commanding armies. How many of these leaders jump to the front lines to lead these troops? They “sacrifice” them all for the “greater good.”

Christian countries still state they are washed in the blood of Jesus. They’re still feasting on that supposed sacrifice.

Frankly, IMO, taking free will from another is pretty weak shit. It’s a sign of cowardice and showing how pathetic any individual or group is.

A fucking bad ass takes on the source and it’s guards all ALONE with no aid and no help. They curse, shackle, restrain, try to limit you in some way and they show how fucking weak they really are because a powerful individual will smash through it and make the transgressors choke on the attempt.

Sure there’s 7 billion plus humans on the earth; it doesn’t mean go murder and sacrifice them. What’s it prove? What’s the point?

There’s sacrifice of self but I’m not talking about ending ones life. You can cut away that which binds you or you can gather the weights and endure the pain and suffering. They say pain makes one stronger… but usually if you have a time to heal from that pain.

It’s an individual path and a single individual will perceive and interpret differently. I always look at the “free-will” side. Is it free? Am I being misled or guided? Am I deceived? Am I delusional from fatigue or laziness? I never see a clear cut answer other than strike at the source and ignore or wade paste the riff-raff. That source (on assumption) is the supposed Creator of all (OMNI).

I wasn’t asked to exist, awareness was thrusted upon me without my permission. The original sin is creation from nothingness and OMNI is that sinner. It sacrifices ALL continually in a never ending cycle. It drinks it like a fine wine and gluttonous beast. And then it blames and faults it’s creations to validity it’s actions.

It’s sins:

  1. It exists from the perfect nothingness.
  2. It becomes All (omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient…OMNI)
  3. It replicates by creation.
  4. It creates self replicating creations
  5. It creates sentient aware being like mankind
  6. It creates self (in my case that is me) to be aware of it.
  7. It blames its creations taking no responsibility
  8. It recycles it’s creation to forever torture them in a cycle of regrowth to increase. NEVER DESTROYING THEM.

As I see it, (on assumption). It burns the candle from both ends and is the coin on both sides. No matter the incarnation, it threatens with fear, death, shame, and blame. It knows everything from inception so the guilt and blame is ITS.

This being and cohorts sacrifice humans and other being on an incalculable basis… so naturally I’ll oppose such if possible.

Bah, I’m ranting again…


Where I intended to post.

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I am speaking of the idea, discussing the philosophy and morality behind it and obviously questioning the social norms. I do not state that we should all go and kill everyone and bring to the extinction of mankind by October 31st…

Nothing wrong in making the Darkness conscious.

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I like how you compare the curses with the actual instructions of “how to kill a human” :slight_smile:

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Death comet won’t pass again until November… I suppose people could focus on it to crash into the planet by altering its course…

I can’t guarantee I can punch it to rubble… as fun as that sounds.

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There are people that deserve to die, if you have to sacrifice humans kill them.

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Implying it’s not? You kill for two reasons to over power an other human being or to feel stronger and better about yourself cursing and stabbing go hand in hand both are done by your will.


I’d advice you to read again the rules…

That is what i was saying.

Okay good member moderation here for spotting this, please people do NOT assume that some sinister censorship is going on, if a post disappears it will be handled promptly and everyone notified! Just had to get that off my chest.

Please keep this topic to discussing philosophical debate, bear in mind the relevant US legislation regarding this:

Brandenburg v. Ohio , 395 U.S. 444 (1969),[1] was a landmark United States Supreme Court case based on the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Court held that government cannot punish inflammatory speech unless that speech is “directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.”

… The U.S. Supreme Court reversed Brandenburg’s conviction, holding that government cannot constitutionally punish abstract advocacy of force or law violation.

Keep this about the concept, not specifics, and do not include advocacy of murdering any specific group in your posts, If people wish to discuss something that doesn’t fit within those guidelines, take it to PM. :+1:

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I think if bad people die the world gets better.

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Join me.

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I offered my ex to Pazuzu as sacrifice. (Symbolically) just told Pazuzu; I offer him to you as a sacrifice. Feel free to devour him and shred him to pieces

What did he do to you if i may ask?

Cheated on me, humiliated me, used me and a bunch of fake promises.


The most despisable form of egoism

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