Human programming vs invocation

When inheriting the power of a spirit, especially demonic, how will that affect the survival program built into the human body? Will the power last long or be shaken off? I know it depends on the demon. But if inheriting power from one how much of that power will be left once the human program seeks joy, healing, and all energies essentially that relate to a demon where off? I assume the power would go away like some sort of virus. Only later to return when the person wants it back.

I know AZAZEL leaves a mark on people who he’s touched. But he has joy, happiness and a little of a carefree, childlike, playful attitude which is what the human survival program seeks. I’ve seen Belial a little with that too. He’s appeared to me in a playful way.

I invoked Baal back in October of 2015 and I maintained those attributes for about a month so that’s what I’m going to go with about a month.

What attributes were that exactly?