Human origins

Where do humans come from what are the origins of our species I don’t believe in the Christian doctrine of Adam and eve ect… just curious if anyone ever asked this question while talking with god/goddesses spirits entities ect…

Humans here evolution.

However, when it comes to various mythologies of human origins I personally believe those humans mentioned aren’t us but rather humans that reside in the spiritual, in my own experiences so this is only UPG and going off various creation lore, met the humans created by Enki, and various humans created by Khnum, and so forth. So the adam and eve story may have some truth to it depending.


I haven’t asked any Gods or any spirits.
But I had a few weeks of visions. Constant visions and elaborate ones, that followed themselves, so what I would see one day I would not understand until I would have something different the next day that would make me understand and so on and honestly. I can’t explain it. My brain don’t cope too well with it just even to think about it. Too much…

I adhere to the theory of evolution. Anthropology, archeology and history reveal in more detail the question of the origin of the human species.


So as a child you listened to stories. You later grew up to find all those were fiction.
So the Bible made such adam and eve stories.
when you hear you are made from dust and return to dust

But I still like those ideas

Quran has same Adam Eve theory

We all are born and we all die.
Everything that comes to existence will cease to exist. And again, and again, and again.
How did the spirits come to exist? Apparently they exist before we do.
That’s all questions that have been a thorn in our existence since we exist.
Why are we here, who are we? Etc…
The only way to truly find that is to grow your connection with your soul, to embrace it and to explore it and the answers you so much seek will come to you. Eventually. Persist if you really want to know. Maybe you’re not meant to know because our brain works in a way that is very limiting, so yes that’s not nice. I’ve experienced it and to come out from it you literally have to be able to Block knowledge. When most people want knowledge, they have no idea how much knowledge they are actually missing, but how bad that could be for them as well.


This iteration of humanity was created as a science experiment by a more advanced species that no longer inhabit this level of reality. This was done by a process of controlling evolution of primitive beings and accelerating it to their own ends.

I believe in evolution. But, I do believe that some divine being(s) did set the Big Bang into motion.

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Big Bang ? that is proper scientific stuff.
What about Black holes ? wheres the science in it ? oh wait…there isnt.
Or…the fact that scientists just affirmed that we have a soul not long ago when they actually got a weight on it.
When this universe was created, so were we.

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That is why I believe in it. I don’t try to deny science because I’m spiritual, I believe there should be a proper balance of both.

That doesn’t discredit all of science. Spiritual practices cannot be proven, yet here we are.

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I dont deny science either.
At all.
I actually like it.
I am also definitely not saying mankind came from a black hole =)

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That’s fair, it doesn’t have to be something you believe in. I just prefer that theory over mythological stories because there is math and science backing why said theory could be true.

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This is just my belief.
But i believe we were created.
This universe exists because another ended.
Whatever came from that other universe, created us.
Not from clay, but just from the fact that in the passage to this universe, life was created and so it evolved.

This actually aligns with the Big Crunch theory somewhat.

It does, somewhat.
In many way.