Human omiprescence in relation to relationships?

Okay, so im aware that spirits are NOT monogomous simply because they can’t really be. Since they can be present in many places at once, and don’t follow the same time/space rules we do.

Now it’s said that humans are also multidimensional, and omipresent (whatever the word is). So my question is…

Are there parts of ME in other dimensions/etc possibly in RELATIONSHIPS with other beings/people/etc currently? If I am also multidimensional? If so, then I feel like I’m missing out here…

I mean being Physically single and all…well I do have a spirit lover but I also regonize my human need to a Physical relationship.

A little experience that might help you or perhaps not:

You need to be good at the skill that Donald Tyson teaches in “Portable Magic”: having your mind in both planes during the operation. Like, you are using the cards, but at the same time you are having the astral operation.

I have ubi wives and husbands, I like to be with them under the bed sheets, obviously they don’t have the solidness to make their body volume to be under the sheets, but in the vision of their plane, I see them under the sheets. It is the same principle when hugging, maybe your hug will not meet the exact body volume of your ubi, maybe you will do a full hug that will look that you are hugging yourself, but in that other plane you hugged your ubi.

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So like mentally hugging them? Or is that not the same thing?

I can feel my lovers energy like sorta under/through my covers in my bed but yeah she still doesn’t have the solidness. However I can feel her just fine. Would be nice to be able to touch/hug her back though. Or feel her better.

Right now she feels like a warm energetic semi-physical skin like (the texture isn’t exactly like human skin) sensation.

In general it feels like she’s more ON TOP of the blankets, but her energy sorta goes through them or something. So I feel her touches under.

Although I can feel her “breathing” on my face sometimes. It’s like a cool breeze/air current against my face (soft and subtle) and ACTUALLY smells nicer then any human breath I’ve smelled…

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You impress your intention in the physical gesture, thus making it happen in their realm

Practice spooning, you will have your consciousness in their realm in such way that you will understand her as physical

I feel mines more in their realm than in mine

I smell the ones I own everytime I can

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Well I think she knows I like her “smell”, because my bed smells like her, and she seems to make sure to be breathing on me alot lol.

I have the clair smell thing developed which is probably why I smell her so well.

For me I feel her semi in this realm.

Spooning? That will help me sense her better? Any specific thing I should practice WHILE spooning?

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I don’t have physical sense of smell, clair smell opened me a new world of sensations

I feel myself more in their realm than them in mine

Be creative. It is a position in which there is a lot of contact and contact options

Maybe this experience of mine would help you to compare with your own:

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