Human manupulation

So, i have tried to find some material on controlling humans amd bringing them under control and take charge.and be dominative, Well i haven’t found anything helpful till now, it would be pretty helpful if u can , give some information the u know about this
Thank u.

Get good.
Be generous with it.

In any situation, if you want to rule you have to have better skills than anyone there. They’ll automatically defer to you when they realise you can help them get better themselves, because you know what they don’t and they want your help.

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Well i can ofcourse gain domination in my peer group, but i am wanting it against someone of higher rank and older than me.I can thrive in any group u put me in its my character kinda thing, but i mean like too dark control in my and in my teachers is what i want which is ofcourse gonna be on LHP thing.

sexual. jk dont

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Lol, its all boys and i am straight :joy:

belial will change that

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“u” can’t even speak English, there’s no reason for a more experienced more skilled person to see you as better than them. Find a way to do that if you want them to defer to your opinion.

If all you want is to ‘be in charge’ that is already not dominant. It’s weak.
Wanting to be in seen to be charge is usually about validating and combating insecurity from not being good enough to be in charge, rather than wanting to handle the responsibility because you’d be the right person to succeed.

When your focus is achievement and success, not the mere appearance of it, then you are a natural leader, people will feel that and give you that power because it’s the right thing to do for them.

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Over estimated…

real power comes when you dont have to use abusive terms and methods, but things resonate towards you in harmonic ways…

are you some cannibal gangster or why you wanna learn to manipulate?


Well english is not the only language on earth, sir and english is not my first second or third language to be good,this is what i learnt in a year.

Of course that is the reason u are getting me all wrong.

Look up marketing. That is the science of monitoring and controlling behavior.


This is an example of why you aren’t dominant. Lack of attention to detail. How will you dominate if you don’t put in the work?
Never use textspeak, it’s outdated, makes you look a non-dominant, poorly uneducated GenX. Always attempt to appear more educated not less. People will extrapolate and assume you know more than you do and defer to that.

Like I said, get good. Pay attention, learn and know more than others.

You can go ahead and learn how to be domineering, but you asked for domination, two very different things. Learn the difference, maybe that’s all you want.


its the situation that make me do this, of course i am not thinking right , but being harmonic is the way to get pulled down by teacher to down, being harmonic and good is not the way but neither is being thug or gangsta. i am a very good person and i am not even able to take things that even upsets me little , that is why i wanna change me.

i am wanting it against someone of higher rank and older than me

Then dominance isn’t your issue. Controlling people that upset you so they don’t do what you don’t like isn’t going to fix your underlying fear, or help you the next time someone else does that.

Ask yourself why it upsets you, why do you take it into yourself and care about their opinion?

I think in the short term a binding or freeze spell to stop them speaking against you would help.

as much as i hate to say it , but english does not matter because english is never the language used everywhere, english is very much hard to even learn in a year, because the pronounciation doesn’t make sense.

well i think it doesn’t but well inside it does even if i don’t think about it. I mean see, i dont take offence to any thing usually but well it twists my energy and stresses me, if that makes sense.

The control i am seeking is not for people who doesn’t even matter, it on people who are always gonna give me bad influence, distract me, stress me out, try to go up the race by using bad ways to take me down. i can get up on my will, if it wasn’t for the people with shortcuts who take the position which are for the people who truly work.

i may seem like a crazy maniac who is trying to be a boss of everyone, i am not any of that, i have seen many really smart and hardworking people , get off the track by bad influence and people with dirty tricks. or there position or rank was stolen. To survive is why i wan’t control, maybe not control but i don’t know.

i care about your experienced opinion. i have not very good at situations.

That sounds like a few things, as well as dealing with narcissistic personalities at work.
Those are hard to beat even for adepts. Narcs will do things decent people don’t even think of, it makes it hard to counter. My best advice it to get away from them, move jobs if you can.

A death curse on them is a good idea - it probably won’t kill them, it’ll simply have the effect of removing them from your life as if they are dead to you. This is because you are a ‘good person’ and energy follows intention, the working will act to your will. You can also do workings so that others see them as they are, sour the relationships that get them unfair promotions, get you a promotion sooner etc.

For the people that are a ‘bad influence’ and ‘distracting’, tell them you’re busy and you’ll come find them later (you won’t). Or stop being nice and giving them a reason to bother you. Mention to your boss that you are having issues so they know.
A freeze/binding spell on these should work.

This is so true. I have no opinion about the language thing, but people “wanting/needing” to be in charge is indeed about “validating and combating insecurity.”

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have you heard of persuasion? hypnosis? your not thinking broad enough. a little brainstorming and you can find what you want to learn.

A simple way to find the subject of study is go to amazon and search for keywords that you are interested in. They often come up with associated books that are related.

I’ll save you more time. check out chase hughes “ellipsis manual”. And branch for from what you learn there. You can pretty much go into more depth of any books topics if you are the type that need to be lead like a baby. some people read info, they learn. some people need more step by step detailed guide . It all depends on your past knowledge or critical thinking skills. Each person learn different pace. Still it does you no good for others to suggest learning materials without action. The skills you want take time to learn. Not many can do it. too many are lazy.