Human/Entity interaction vs entity/entity interaction question?

So from my time here I’ve learned that when trying to start a relationship with any entity/deity/spirit that people often do things such as:

. build an altar
.chant enn/name
.meditate on that entity/try and make contact
.give offerings/energy

Now what my question, is this unique to us? I mean do entities do the same with each other say if they wish to “work together” or start communicating? It doesn’t seem so or wouldnt make sense if they did, but then why must humans do this to reach out to an entity or goddess they wish to work with? I’m sure entities sometimes ask for help from each other.

I’m just curious about this and as to what reasons their might be for this. Some ideas I thought of was:

. To build trust (humans…haven’t always been trustworthy aka Solomon and others who have tried to control/punish beings)
. Maybe because of our given circumstances and our spiritual development vs theirs? Like a student + teacher relationship?

I’m just curious about what anyone’s opinions might be on this. Thank you!

Offerings and altars and all that, its all energy. Its basically a beakon for a being to come to. As for in other worlds with entity to entity contact, as of right now i just feel its a connection of energies that is very similar to the “beakon” energy for one to come to, except not needing an altar and all that fancy stuff.

So it has more to do with helping them “navigate” to the person calling them + the altar and stuff help make our beacon/call stronger to the entity we are calling?

Yes, that “beakon” gets their attention and makes them come. And with offerings, its like “payment” in return for things or just gifts to spirits that one already has a form of a relationship with. Things have an etheric copy of itself that the spirit can use when its given

Do spirits give offerings to each other as well as payment? If they need help + want to work with another spirit?

They can give stuff to each other in return too. Probably more likely forms of energy. Sometimes if someone (physically living or just a spirit) has a good friendship with a spirit, spirits sometimes do things for the person out of their own wanting to help. Its happened to me a few times before but in the end id give something as a gift


Hmm okay, that makes better sense. It wouldn’t have seemed right if only humans were expected to do such a thing for a favor/help.

Makes sense since energy is like currency to spirits, and even humans as well (since we also need energy to live), regarding spiritual matters.

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They all interact with one another in some form of fashion lol they require us to call them like that for a reason once you build a good relationship :wink: with them I found it easier just to talk to them telapaticly out side of rituals

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This is more for people who choose to do this or because they cannot project, otherwise you can just visit the entity and interact with them like any normal person you interact with on a daily basis. Visit their home, hang out with them in projection, building a genuine relationship.

However, alters help with creating a place for them to “settle” when they visit our energetic layer of the physical, you inviting them into your personal space.

However, entity to entity interaction, they visit one another like people do here, they may send messengers if it’s business as well. They may find other means of communication, but all in all they visit one another.

I actually have a question relating to projection that is a little bit off topic, but just a quick question really.

If I project to hang out with an entity, how much time passes when I’m with them compared to the time on Earth where my physical body is? Like could I spend more time there but not as much time has passed here on Earth ?

Depends on if it’s partial or full, partial projection time will feel normal. However I find in the location that is parallel to my physical location, if it’s day time physically, the etheric parallel is night time.

In a full projection you can often lose your sense of time and a hour there can end up simply a few minutes here. However, the spiritual does have time, it simply flows a bit different than our own.

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Based on YOUR experiences, what was the longest time you’ve personally spent in the etheral but then was actually shorter here? (You said full projection time is a bit different, here vs etheral)

Wouldn’t that goof up your sense of time? Kinda like when I wake up from a “quick nap” and find half a day has passed.

It can but it’s not really that impactful as far as I know. Your sense of time is more likely to feel wonky in the astral/mental plane due to there being no time, or sense of direction within it.

Yeah, I can imagine. I guess more research for me to do about this sense of time thing (astral), doesn’t bug me though…learning is fun but applying what I’ve learned into practice is the reward as I see it. Thank you for the clarity about the sense of time here vs astral/mental vs etheral.

No problem, and happy researching

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