Human Cloning... When You Think You've Heard It All!

Yeah… Just when you think you’ve heard it all! We’ve all heard of GMOs, animal cloning, designer babies (sounds creepy, right?)…

Now, some suggest actual human cloning has already taken place, especially in the realm of celebrities and politicians. Are those commentators nuts, just reaching for YouTube views and money or actually telling the truth?

Here are examples of such allegations:

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I mean, she’s DAMN serious! Or, maybe she just wants to make some money off of views, but she sometimes disables comments because she doesn’t want to get into arguments w/ people, and she insists she knows what she’s saying and in telling the truth.

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Well I can’t see the video, when you try to view a video on this forum from a mobile device all videos are invisible and instead you see an error message that says No longer available and nothing can be clicked on. However, human cloning is possible and is being done. Now if someone has cloned a full on human I imagine they’d be keeping that very hush hush because all these politically correct nutjobs that think cloning is offensive and sinful would start their little riots and such but you can take stem cells from your healthy child and they can later be turned into organs and skin for you.

They can use the stem cells from a healthy non-deformed child that was created with your dna and use it to grow organs from scratch and if your blood type happens to be different from your child’s (since the child usually only inherits their blood type from one parent, usually the mother but occasionally the father) then they can infuse your blood with the newly created organs to make it viable so your body will not reject it. A babies umbilical cord has millions of stem cells however it can take that entire amount to produce just one organ which is why research has suggested that using an aborted or miscarried fetus is best as the entire fetus would carry more cells that could be used in case the first batch was not enough to create a healthy sustainable organ but again the religious people see this as highly sinful and have voiced their complaints putting fetal research to a halt in most areas.

Next best thing, that is not as offensive to people except for those who still believe you are playing god either way, is to isolate and collect healthy cells from your own body and infuse them with even more healthy white blood cells which they can take from a donor with similar dna and identical blood type or use your existing dna to create more and basically grow another organ from your own existing cells and tissues. The success rate for this much less than the success rate for using fetuses but again the religious people have enforced limits on this in so many ways. It may take longer and they may have to try more than once to get a viable organ but it is possible.

Not only can they recreate organs this way, but they can create new body parts and even new skin for burn victims. I watched a documentary about 2 years ago that was of course removed from cable Tv due to its highly offensive and sensitive nature to some viewers and I watched them scrape healthy skin off of someone’s leg and use it to create new skin that woukd be grafted onto that person’s face and arms which were severely burnt in a house fire he barely escaped, not only did the new skin get accepted by his body after being pumped full of antibiotics, new white blood cells, and vitamins but they were able to create enough skin to recover the area on his leg were they originally removed a piece of his healthy skin.

Later on, they showed a little boy that fell and slid into a lawn mower blade or something and had half of his face chopped off. He was running and the ground was slick and he slid right underneath the riding mower face first, the part on the bottom of the lawn mower that you can open up to allow more grass to be spit out at one time, so the metal door on the side that covered the blade was open and he slid right into it. They did the same thing with him, using healthy skin from his leg in a place that wasn’t that noticeable and using white blood cells from a relative to not only grow him new skin and muscle tissue for his face that they could sew on, but they grew him a brand new ear from that as well.

Now, the hearing on that side of his face was gone as the accident caused him permanent hearing loss so the ear was just for aesthetics and he wouldn’t be able to hear from it since his hearing was permanently damaged but you know how kids are, they make fun of anything they don’t understand, anything not like them, so this boy was getting picked on left and right, shoved into trash cans and spit on at school, backed into corners and kicked in the ribs all because of a deformity that happened as a result of an accident he had no control over, so the new ear was part of the doctor’s mission to make him look somewhat normal again so he could lead as normal as life as possible. The other kids were tormenting him to the point he fell into a deep depression. 9 years old and refusing to even go outside or go to the store with his mom, and crying bloody murder every time his mom made him go to school to the point the family had to home school him to keep him from becoming suicidal because he was at that age where puberty was about to kick in anyway and you know how pre-teen hormones can be.

So I imagine we are on the brink of seeing full body cloning soon like the movie the Island, where the people are living underground and they are clones of rich people who paid to have clones made for them so they harvest the organs from their clones as needed, making them healthy again and able to live longer. But such things would kept very secretive. As of right now, the only people who can afford to purchase cloned organs are the super rich because this is something that health insurance would not cover for a normal income person unless they could shell out a ton of co-pays and out of pocket costs which most people can’t afford. The little boy though, his family was very poor but the doctor took pity on him and fixed him up for free so he could finish the rest of his childhood somewhat normal.

RavensAscent, here are the video URLs:

To be honest, I, too, have a problem w/ the whole use of aborted fetuses for whatever purpose. Hillary Clinton, who is pro-choice, said it herself; abortion should be “rare”.

As you said, there are other ways of obtaining stem cells. If I understand what you’ve said, a rich individual could clone themselves so they harvest organs from their clones as needed. So, their clones, an actual human being, would spend their whole lives locked up somewhere, only to be chopped off in parts to accommodate the original person? Sounds odd enough!

Now, if you listen to the videos linked above, you’ll hear a conspiracy regarding celebrities (such as Britney Spears) and politicians that may have been cloned.

Apparently, some of them were killed before or after fame, and their clones are the ones you see onstage, in music videos etc. Some may still be alive and also have clones around.

And, there’s also talks of a cloning station and transferring one’s consciousness (when asleep) to the clone so they have full memory and knowledge of anything the original individual knows.

Surely interesting talk, but I have yet to see real evidence of it. Those videos rely on picture comparison, but it ain’t enough.

Now, two more videos. Here is Eugenia Cooney, a YouTube personality:
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A video commentary on Cooney being a clone:
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What do you think?

No, as far as I’m aware the full body clones to be used as spare body parts is not an actual thing just yet or if it is, then it would be a highly guarded secret, that was featured in a movie called The Island but I said one day or possibly even now in secret we could see that sort of thing happening. The people on that movie were treated as drones, they all had to dress the same, all white clothing with no logos, nothing was allowed inside their underground Raccoon-city-like encampment that would trigger those people to form individuality of any kind.

They all followed the rules and did as they were told and underwent routine checkups to make sure their bodies were perfect. If one of them became sick then they were killed because obviously their organs would be no good to the rich person who paid for the clone, so they would kill them and make it look like a natural death. When one of the rich people became sick and needed the organs from the clone to survive they would lie to the clones and tell them they won te lottery and had won an all expenses paid luxury apartment on this beautiful piece of tropical land called the island, where they would get to live with the other lucky lottery winners so that when their time was up they would not hesitate to go with the people in charge, thinking they had won a luxurious home on a lovely island when they actually sent above ground to be killed.

And one day, one of the clones loses her programming and begins to think for herself and sneaks out of her room and see one of her friends who supposedly won the lottery being dragged away and brutally beaten to get him to comply and she basically started snooping around and figured out what was going on and convinced a few of her friends to come escape with her. Very good movie by the way! But people are heartless so I would not be surprised to hear of this really happening eventually.

Now I have never seen evidence of full body cloning but like I said, if it really existed it would be kept under wraps and closely guarded because why else would it be done unless for someone’s selfish gain? So you can imagine the number of people that would appauled and against it, so this is something they would not want the public to know about because I imagine whoever was in charge would be making millions of dollars per cloned body and would not want anyone to know that could spread the word and get their operation shut down. I have heard theories of the government making clones to create the perfect flawless soldiers for the U.S. military with super hero strength but again just a rumor.

However, What I mentioned on my last post I saw them make the ear and e new skin from scratch, start to finish and even watched the operation when they attached this stuff to the recipients. I forgot the name of the documentary because it was no lie when I said on previous posts here that I have seen hundreds of documentaries and cannot even begin to remember all the names of them. Something else that is fascinating to watch though, is Stan Lee’s Superhumans, Stan Lee the creator of the Marvel comic books, the man who every nerd in the U.S. loves and cherishes LOL, does an expose on people with superhuman like abilities including a man who can touch a stove with tempatures up to 730 degrees Farenheit and not feel pain or get burnt.

What if those people are the result of cloning? Maybe someone lost their child too early in life and secretly had them cloned and the clone turned out to be flawless to the point their flawlessness would seem like superhuman abilities to everyone else?

Acoording to Enoch and other sources,the ancient gods were experimenting with dna, mixing humans and animals.There are plenty of saints,demons,and other creatures,with human bodies and animal parts.

Saint Christopher pic

[quote=“dron, post:6, topic:6527”]Acoording to Enoch and other sources,the ancient gods were experimenting with dna, mixing humans and animals.There are plenty of saints,demons,and other creatures,with human bodies and animal parts.

Saint Christopher pic[/quote]

I have always wondering whether or not these theories are real, i so wish i could see the reality of it - although i’d surely be horrified.