Huictiigara, King Of Sleep & Body Clocks

I keep weird hours sometimes where I need to sleep in small amounts, like 2 - 4 hour bursts, and obviously this isn’t always easy. The sleeping-on-demand part can be challenging, and motivating myself to get up after just a few hours, even more so!

After working with him for a while, I want to say a major Thank You to the little known spirit from the GV, Huictiigara, here’s his description from the book:

[b]HUICTIIGARA[/b] [img][/img] HUICTIIGARA occasions sleep and waking in some, and afflicts others with insomnia.
I first heard of him when I was researching something else, and I asked Raphael whether this would be a good idea, and he said yes (once again, while this is obviously only UPG, it affirms for me that angels and "demons" aren't in some bitter pitched battle over human souls) - anyway I tried researching him some more, but couldn't find anything substantial online apart from that description.

Because I don’t do trad. grimoire-style evocation, I decided to just call on him, and the first image I got was of a lot of snakes huddled together, large wide snakes like pythons or boas. I was told to call on him during the Hour of Venus, and to draw his seal then and state my request.

I drew it out and connected with him, and after stating my explicit request, he told me to place the seal under my pillow when I was ready to sleep.

The very first night I did this, as soon as I laid my head on the pillow I felt what seemed like dozens, maybe hundreds, of little arms or something coming up from the sigil, and the clairvoyant image was as though my head was full of tiny gears like a clockwork device, and the hands from these little arms were altering them.

It was amazingly restful.

I slept really well that night and woke around 15 minutes before the alarm, so I was ready to get up without any problems when it went off.

Ever since then, the same thing has happened (less of a sense of little hands playing with cogs in my head most nights) and he’s also helped me get napping under really good control - if I hold the seal, connect with him, and say I want to nap to 40 or 80 minutes please, it just happens, and I wake rested and ready to get on with the day.

He’s polite, professional, not chatty (I think he’s more interested in doing his thing that having conversations, which is fair enough) and I generally get a very good feeling from him.

Absolutely top spirit, and one to consider working with if you have any problems or needs related to regulating your body clock.

~ Thank you HUICTIIGARA! ~


Nothing like short, sweet and effective!!! Awesome.

This was a long time ago, but…

I’m a little surprised I didn’t go into further detail here, but the thread was about something else. My first experiment was making someone ELSE go to bed, which worked just as fast.

Be aware in working with this spirit that he locks you into to whatever state he’s trying to work with you on. In other words, you will probably have the experience of “waking into dreams,” where it’s impossible to wake up. This can be upsetting if you’re not prepared for it. He’s also a little gnomish or clown-looking - a very “earthy” sort of look and seeing a red-cheeked little gnome standing in the corner of your room when you thought you were awake can be startling if you’re not expecting it.

Oh sweet, I don’t know how I missed that, i thought I’d searched on here as well, thanks!!

I did NOT want to get up this “morning” after a couple of hours’ sleep but he basically rigged stuff so I’d have to, and that’s the area I’ve asked him for help with right now, so yes, he’s certainly diligent!

Not one of your “here’s a bit of result to shut you up, now listen to my interesting theories on humanity”-type demons - he seems very business-like and focused.

He's also a little gnomish or clown-looking - a very "earthy" sort of look and seeing a red-cheeked little gnome standing in the corner of your room when you thought you were awake can be startling if you're not expecting it.

lol!! I bet - he has yet to show up in a dream to throw me out of it, but I fully believe he’d do that if it was necessary.

Pure verum sweetness

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