Huge success with Dantalion... but other demon to remove doubts on my target?

I evoked Dantalion 2 weeks ago. It was a simple evokation with his sigil and some candles, burned sandalwood, chanted his enn… it was my first evokation ever and I didn’t feel any weird energy, just stayed focus.

This was the first part of my plan, I was thinking about evoking others (Sallos and Sitri, maybe others) for different aspects of the same work. Is about love.

I asked Dantalion to change the thoughts and feelings of my target (I specified to what thoughts and feelings). We had broken up a month and a half before; we remained friends but had fought some days before and he was very mad and offended.

5 minutes after the ritual he called me twice and sent me a message, basically expressing how much he appreciates me and how highly he thinks of me (part of my petition to Dantalion). We met and he said things he didn’t say before, reflecting exactly the thoughts and feelings I asked Dantalion to put on his head. One of the bizarre ones: I asked that he would feel he wouldn’t be happy with any other woman but me. It was just a way of expressing myself, but my target told me how he had been having the feeling that, even if he would be with someone else, he would still be drawn to me to the point of he could even cheat (expressing it in a way of how strangely attracted we are to each other, neither of us is dating others yet). Again, the more I think about it, the more bizarre I realize it is. Dantalion made a fantastic job!

But… and this is something I didn’t think about… He obviously thinks and feels what I wanted for him to, but a great comment of @Veil made me realize that action is not happening. As many positive thoughts and feelings he has, he still has doubt. Point is, we work together and after our fight he has realized of how much us not working can affect work. He said he doesn’t want to lose me (and I know he meant professionally too).

I’m starting to work with DoM and the plan is to evoke Sallos, Sitri (he’s very after me sexually but I guess a bit more won’t hurt), and even thought about Seer so that he decides (between trying again or not) in my favor.

But still have the feeling I’d miss something. What demon would you use to remove reservations and doubts, that is basically what is keeping him away now? To create more love feelings (Sallos) and even stronger desire (Sitri) will be good but I still need for him to eliminate the doubts, in case his will is too strong and despite the love and the attraction he won’t act.

Thank you for your suggestions!


remove doubts I’d say Paimon or Belial


Belial can be good for removing doubts; Paimon is good at mind and thought manipulation but my understanding is that he’s not well-suited to love work. Seere is good as well to influence him to make a quick decision in your favour.

I would recommend some internal work on/for yourself as well. It’s much easier to change your internal state to align it with your desire, which opens up roads of probability, than it is to try and brute-force change in the outer world. So any rituals that help you focus on things like:

  • confidence
  • being generally attractive to everyone you meet
  • making people see the best in you
  • self-love
  • detachment
  • understanding where & how magic can help a situation.