Huge money lost to fraudster - help needed pls

this is a scam that started off as a youtube liking project and was later shifted to a crypto website as a result of this my father and i have lost more than 20000 dollars in the process. the person who enticed us into this is still forcing me for more money and is active on telegram along with his fraudster mates. is there any way of evoking any spirit /demon / or any ritual to help recover this precious money from the fraudsters. any ideas from anyone pls. it is a lot of money . unfortunately we got into this

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Try Orobas.

thank you. and the best way to evoke orobas would be ?

Well, I didn’t say evoke him :slight_smile: Make your ask in any way you like.

Since you’re newer I’d suggest a petition, or use the Goetia Pathworking book as he’s in there. DarkestKnight wrote a good tutorial on petitions if you look it up. Also plug in the name into the search to get an idea of Orobas’ offices.

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sure thanks for your suggestion … ill write a petition and look up the post u have suggested

just wanted to clear a doubt … under the orobas section in the pathworking book, his powers have been written as improving divination, image, admiration and recognition . how should i frame my statement when it comes to the petition. Sth like pls help me recover my money from the fraudsters ? sorry if i am asking a very basic question . am learning , so pls guide me…

Here is a good example of a job well done.

However you want. If you don’t know what you want you can’t direct your magick with intention, so you need to figure that out very clearly first. Wishy washy intention makes for wishy washy magick.